DePaul's Walker Set for Senior Year

Will Walker knows this is his last chance. The senior from Bolingbrook, Illinois has endured his fair share of losing in his time at DePaul, a team that has lost 43 out of their last 62 games. But, Walker was also part of a 20 win team in his freshman campaign. He is aiming to get back on the winning side of the ledger.

It was often that Will Walker carried DePaul last season. Walker was second on the team in scoring with 14.6 points per game. He hit his stride down the stretch, scoring 20 or more points six times in his last 12 games, including eclipsing the 30-point mark three times.

Walker has been working hard in the off-season, and being the only senior back he knows the value of leadership. Walker has been putting in more hours and wants to come out a winner.

"I have been much more vocal," Walker asserts. "It's just something that has grown on me over time to be a leader. I came up on an older team as a freshman and that really helped me to be a good leader."

Walker also sees the value in being a mentor. In the current makeup of the 2009-10 DePaul basketball team, only Walker and junior Mac Koshwal have played more than two years with the team.

"I think a lot of the guys really look up to me for the experience I have," said Will. "They come to me with a lot of questions, and anything they're curious about, and what's ahead of them."

The pain of losing was trying on Walker and the team as a whole last year. But Walker is looking to put that in the rearview mirror and focus on the possibilities that this year beholds.

"I learned how tough you really got to be when things get down," Walker admitted about last season's struggles in which DePaul went winless in the regular Big East season. "We felt bad for ourselves sometimes last year when we shouldn't have. We should have fought through it, instead of falling back we should have pushed harder on the pedal."

Walker is determined not to let the same fate befall this year's Demons.

"I want to display more passion on the court that we didn't have last year," Walker remarked. "If they're not having an energetic day, they can feed off mine."

Another aspect Walker is working on this year is adapting to being more of a point guard this year. He has played that role before and sees his scoring as an asset from that position.

"I think it (switching to point guard) will help out the team a lot," Walker says. "In recent years we really haven't had a point guard that scores a lot at the same time. It can open more defenses and help Mac out down on the post. I think it can open it up for him down there where it's harder for people to help down, so of he kicks it out I have an open shot. I think it can keep defenses more honest."

In this offense, Walker is still confident that he will still get plenty of looks and still give his team a good shot at winning more games.

Walker is optimistic that this year's squad can erase the memories of last year in part because of their good run in the Big East tournament, where they stunned Cincinnati and gave Providence a run for their money, and the fact that the conference is expected to be a little down. Walker says the win against Cincinnati and the good run against Providence was a possible foreshadowing of things to come.

"I think after getting that victory (against Cincinnati), it (the thought of winning in the Big East) put it into teammates minds that we can actually do it," Walker commented. "A key of last year's failures was sometimes people on the team might not really think we can do it. Once we did it, now they know we can do it, how we can do it and how much passion we got to play (with) to do it. The main thing is to play with energy and getting out there and playing hard."

Walker is not about selfish goals, he wants to win and of course every goal is making the NCAA tournament.

"My only goal I ever said before, it's to make the NCAA's," Walker concluded. "I haven't set any individual goals. I feel like I'll accomplish my individual goal by accomplishing my team goal."

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