DePaul's Koshwal Back for Unfinished Business

At the end of DePaul's disappointing 9-24 season last year, Mac Koshwal had a decision to make: come back to DePaul for his junior year or play for pay?

In the off-season, the 6-10 junior forward/center entertained the idea of leaving DePaul early and jumpstarting his professional career. Like his fellow teammate Dar Tucker, Mac Koshwal put his name into the hat among NBA Draft hopefuls. But after some feedback that he needed more polishing, Koshwal decided to come back to DePaul and work and improve on his game.

Koshwal wants to win. Last year left a bad taste in his mouth and Mac wants to amend what has been ailing him the most: losing.

"Like I was telling (everybody else), I just want to get some more wins," Koshwal said. "That's my main goal, to get more wins."

Individually though, Koshwal put up some solid numbers last year despite the team's struggles. Mac averaged 12.6 points per game (good for third on the team) and hauled in 9.6 rebounds per game, second among Big East returning players. Koshwal has established himself as one the finer big men in the Big East. Mac has had some tough competition in his two years in the Big East after going up against the likes of Luke Harangody, Hasheem Thabeet, DeJuan Blair, Jeff Adrien, etc.

For that rigorous baptism into the Big East, Koshwal believes that has prepared him for this season and beyond.

"I learned a lot," Koshwal said of his experiences in the Big East thus far. "In this game you're going to have different match-ups, different players, guys that play their own way. You have to change your game and work on it."

In his freshman year Koshwal made waves when head coach Jerry Wainwright made him one of the team's captains. To this day Koshwal takes that responsibility head on and relishes the role.

"I try to do everything and anything possible to help the younger guys," remarked Koshwal. "Just going through what I've been going through since my freshman year. (I try) to help them anyway I can by telling them go hard, tough. We're trying to communicate (better). That's the main thing."

Once Koshwal decided to come back to DePaul he has been working on becoming more of a complete player. For most of his two years at DePaul, Koshwal has had to take on all of the load in the frontcourt. But, this year Koshwal expects to get improved play from the likes of sophomores Devin Hill and Krys Faber, and also getting contributions from Ohio State transfer Eric Wallace. However, for Koshwal to take his game to new heights, he has to broaden his game and that includes expanding his perimeter game.

"That was the summer focus," Koshwal said referring to his improvement on the perimeter. "It's going make my game easier and open up things. I've been working on 15-footers and my free throws."

Koshwal said he is comfortable with his back to the basket as well as facing up.

While Koshwal may have thoughts of the NBA in the future, his focus is on helping DePaul reverse some of the frustrations they endured as a team. Koshwal said that he hopes that their victory against Cincinnati in the first round of the Big East Tournament carries over to this year.

"That (game) taught us a lot," said Koshwal. "We can win. We can play with the best of them. During the season we lost a lot of games. (So) it felt so good winning that game."

Koshwal believes that the slate has been wiped clean and DePaul can go about proving people wrong and winning games.

"Now that it's the start of the season, we just have to take it a game at a time," Koshwal concluded. "(We have to) do the same thing here (referring to winning in the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden) this year."

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