DePaul Notebook – February 4th

In this report, we empty the DePaul beat notebook with noteworthy comments from Tracy Webster and UConn assistant coach George Blaney on Saturday's game, along with DePaul Athletic Director Jean Lenti Ponsetto talking about the upcoming coaching search.

DePaul Interim Coach Tracy Webster on Saturday's game versus the UConn Huskies

"They're a very big basketball team with two really good guards that create problems for us and for a lot of teams. We have to do a really good job of controlling the tempo, because they're really good at running the basketball."

Webster on Mac Koshwal's recovery from a right foot injury

"I think Mac is getting in shape. With Mac, we just ask him to continue to be honest with us about it, because he's just a warrior, he has that passion to play where sometimes he may not let us know when he's hurt. As a staff we just try to keep an eye on him."

"We're going by feel, trying to make sure he's in the best shape possible and see what happens."

Webster on the status of point guard Michael Bizoukas

Bizoukas started Wednesday night's game versus Marquette for the first time since coming back from a knee injury. He left the game in the second half after a collision.

"He's doing OK right now," said Webster. "I think he just bumped knees with someone, but I think he'll be fine. Last night he said everything was OK. We have not practiced yet. We'll just see how he is."

UConn Assistant Coach George Blaney on the Blue Demons

"DePaul is playing really, really good basketball lately," said Blaney. "They're very athletic, very strong, physically strong. They play terrific defense. They get after you. They get up in you and keep in front of you pretty well. I'm looking for a very, very hard game on Saturday. It's certainly is a game that both teams need to win and we're going to make sure that we do a good job of it."

Blaney on Missing Coach Jim Calhoun

The Huskies have been playing without Hall of Fame coach Jim Calhoun, who has taken a leave of absence for medical reasons.

"It's not that we're doing a whole lot of different things than we had been doing," said Blaney. "I do think that we miss Coach Calhoun greatly. I think that the players miss him greatly. I think they're used to playing for him. We had two great games when he first went out against St. John's and Texas. We played well in the other games, we just haven't won them. Hopefully he'll be back short and hopefully for as long as he's out I can make them play as well as they can possibly play."

Blaney on Calhoun's return to the court

"I'm assuming that I'm coaching on Saturday."

DePaul AD Jean Lenti Ponsetto on the Coaching Search

"I've been a little cautious about not coming out and laying the criteria out, because as soon as I do, then it's going to speculate and put a lot of people's names out there," Ponsetto told WSCR radio. "I'm going to be a little reserved with that and not share with you right now. I think it's pretty obvious what we need to do. Nonetheless, I don't want to be a distraction to other people's program's right now. I think some people feel that we made a coaching change to get a leg up on your search. That really wasn't our motivation. We just felt it was the right time for Coach Wainwright and the right time for us to make a change."

"We're certainly in the process of being in a position to know who it is that we'd like to contact. Some of those people are former players of ours and some of those people are people who are Division I head coaches right now. That's probably the most I'd want to share with you at this point in time. Certainly there has been lots of speculation about Mark Aguirre and Tyrone Corbin. You know, guys who have had really nice careers as NBA players, and also had great careers at DePaul and have great name recognition at DePaul. Certainly there is a whole list of head coaches that would be a priority for us to want to have a conversation with, because we think they'd be the perfect fit for DePaul."

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