Anderson Talks About DePaul Visit

Kyle Anderson, Jr. flew into the Windy City last week to pay a visit to DePaul men's basketball Oliver Purnell and play against some of the best international talent in the world at Adidas Nations. Learn what the class of 2012 recruit had to say about his trip to Chicago in this in-depth interview…

Kyle Anderson spent the day on DePaul's campus on Thursday before the start of action at Adidas Nations. Overall it was a good visit for the youngster from New Jersey.

"I like the campus and everything," said Kyle. "Great coaching staff, I really like DePaul."

Anderson, who wore a DePaul T-shirt to the media interview session at Adidas Nations, has been familiar with the DePaul coaches for quite some time.

"I've known Coach (Billy) Garrett for a long time and I've known Coach (Brian) Ellerbe for a long time, and Coach Purnell seems like a great guy," Anderson said. "They've got a great advantage with the coaching staff, being that my relationship is so tight with Coach Billy Garrett."

In fact, Anderson's relationship with Garrett goes back to when Anderson was just starting out with the game of basketball.

"I was really young, about eight or nine," said Kyle. "When Coach Garrett coached at Seton Hall, we used to go around there a lot. My dad coached the Playaz AAU team. They recruited a couple of their kids. My dad just built a great relationship with Coach Garrett. Me and Coach Garrett's son, (Billy Garrett, Jr.) were the same age, we've hung out since then."

Kyle is also familiar with the style of ball that Purnell has brought with him to DePaul from Clemson.

"Coach Purnell plays a fast style, running and jumping," Anderson said. "With the Clemson team I've watched, he always had a full court press. He talked to me about it. I like that style of play."

Anderson is both a high school teammate and AAU teammate of 2011 guard Myles Mack, who is also a DePaul recruit. Paterson Catholic High School is shutting its doors this summer, which means Anderson and Mack will both be transferring to St. Anthony's to play for Jersey City legend Bob Hurley.

"I'm obviously going to learn a lot," said Kyle. "I had a good two years at Paterson Catholic, I'm going to learn a lot at St. Anthony's. I'm really excited to go there."

Anderson sat out the end of the July AAU season in New York and the start of Adidas Nations last week with an ankle injury, but came to play last night as the 2012 USA team took second place at Adidas Nations. Kyle felt honored to be chosen to play on the international stage.

"Representing my country is a great opportunity," Anderson expressed. "I'm really excited to represent my country, especially for Adidas."

For Anderson, it was an adjustment to go from the AAU season to playing some of the best basketball talent from across the globe.

"We're playing against different competition," said Kyle. "The international players are great players. They use screens really well. They play a different style of play from what you'd see on the AAU level. Also, at the AAU level, guys might be the man on their team and come into Adidas Nations and play with 12 other guys who are the man on their team. It's tough, but you got to adjust. Good players adjust."

Anderson is receiving plenty of other big-time college interest besides DePaul and has future visits planned to Miami and Pittsburgh. He is also receiving interest from Louisville, Kentucky, North Carolina, Villanova, and Virginia Tech.

At 6-8, Anderson is versatile to the point where he can play almost any position on the floor. ranks Anderson as the 13th best power forward in his class, but Kyle knows what position he'd prefer to play in college.

"I want to play point guard," Anderson said. "That's what I want to play. I don't mind playing other positions, but I really want to play point guard at the next level."

For that to happen, Kyle know what parts of his game that he needs to work on.

"My jump shot needs work, but I feel like my handle is good enough," said Anderson. "Guarding other point guards is a tough obstacle. Other point guards have an advantage of being quicker and stronger. That's something I can work on and something I can control."

"I've been a point guard my whole life, so I know what I'm doing at the point guard position."

DePaul hosted four visits from recruits in four days to make what was a busy week for Purnell. Overall, Anderson was please with his visit to Chicago.

"I met the Athletic Director – Miss Jeanne (Jean Lenti Ponsetto)," Kyle said. "I met the academic advisor. They took me around the campus. It's in the middle of a nice town. We went to the weight room and met the trainers. We saw the gym. Overall, it was a great visit actually. It was my second time here, I like Chicago, it's a little bit like New York."

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