Top 2012 Target Has Many Offers

Alex Murphy, a 6-8, 180-pound small forward from Southborough (MA) St. Mark's, is the No. 2 ranked small forward in 2012. The five-star prospect is the younger brother of Florida forward Erik Murphy and many are quick to draw comparisons between the siblings.

Alex Murphy also reminds some of players that aren't related to him: Duke's Kyle Singler, Florida's Chandler Parsons and Mike Miller. Murphy said the comparisons are a compliment but he wants to blaze his own trail.

So how will the high school junior make his mark? He is already doing it with lots of hard work and some elite talent. He has the size, the skill and the athleticism. He's a wing with some nice height. He can stretch defenses and he's successful penetrating defenses with drives and attack.

With more than 20 big name schools vying for his services, Murphy said he's just looking for what feels right. FOX Sports' Laura McKeeman catches up Murphy to find out how his recruitment is going.

Which coaches are you talking to the most right now?

"I talk to Coach K from Duke and Coach Donovan from Florida the most. I don't have a favorite right now but I do really like those schools. I'm just going to take it easy and keep it open for a while but those coaches are great."

Tell me what you like about Duke.

"With Duke, there's a great history to that program. But, it's also in recent years with a national championship. Also, Coach K is awesome! I think he will go down as one of the best coaches of all time. At Duke they do well sending guys to the NBA and Pro-Leagues too. I'm interested in the level of play there and I think it could be a good fit."

And what do you like about Florida?

"I like warm weather so that's the first thing. Also, like Duke, Florida has a great success with their program with two back-to-back national championships and all. They have success after too with guys to the NBA like Mike Miller, Joakim Noah and Al Horford. I know a lot about this program from being recruited myself but also from my brother Erik."

What are your expectations for your brother Erik and Florida this year?

"I hope he has a break out year. He better. He is working really hard and he's hoping he can help out guys like Tyus and Macklin whenever he can. It should be cool to watch him and watch the team. They're going to be good this year."

You've got offers from all over the place including some big programs other than Duke and Florida like North Carolina, Syracuse, Kansas, Connecticut… just to name a few. How is this whole process going for you so far?

"There are a lot of top programs recruiting me and sometimes it's overwhelming but it's a blessing. It's awesome to be in this position. I got here with hard work and I'll continue to keep working so I can play college basketball."

So what are you ultimately looking for in a school?

"I want to go somewhere where the style of play fits the way I play. I also want a good relationship with the head coach. Even if other coaches recruit you, when you get there you're playing for that head coach and that team so I want it to be a place I would love playing every time. Playing time is important too. I want to get going as a freshman and not sit on the bench my whole freshman year."

Let's talk visits. Any trips coming up for you?

"I'm not sure about taking officials soon because my school has class on Saturdays so it makes it kind of hard to get out of here and make a trip. I'm hoping I can though. I got to visit Duke and Florida and hang out and that was great. I want to get to some more places because I feel like I can't say no to somewhere I haven't been."

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