Rivers Recaps Duke In-Home

The third in-home visit for Austin Rivers happened Tuesday night as Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski made it down to Winter Park, Florida for a face to face meeting with his top target in the class of 2011.

"It was great to sit down with Coach K and talk about everything," said Austin Rivers. "I've got a great relationship with Coach K and we've been in contact pretty regularly with him. So having him down for the visit was just a continuation of everything we've been talking about."

The obvious topic of discussion for most Blue Devil faithful would be how to get Rivers to end a wild recruiting ride with a commitment. And while the topic of committing certainly was discussed, it wasn't the primary focus of the visit.

"Mainly we just talked about how I would fit in and how Coach will make me better as a player. We are on the same page with a lot of things. It was really good for everyone. Coach K has a vision of where I fit in and he talked about that and how he thinks I'll excel. We're both competitors."

The visit lasted a little over three hours with a number of topics being covered and the groundwork being laid for a potential career in Durham as well as the upcoming official visit.

When he gets to the collegiate level, Rivers sees himself as a guard who can handle the ball as a point guard or a scorer off the ball. Such versatility is something that'll translate well for the college game while also helping him for an anticipated jump to the NBA Draft in 2012.

"I think the best players can do both [positions]. With Duke you have a history of players able to do different things. They adapt their system to their players' strengths. [At Duke] I'd be a guy who would be looked at to score the ball and to also get my teammates involved."

"We talked about the different roles and how I fit into it all. There is definitely a plan. Coach believes I can make a big impact, win a championship, and if I do all of that and play as well as I can, I can make the next step. There's not pressure and I'm not in a rush to get to the NBA, but Coach K has confidence that I can have that kind of impact and career. He has that kind of confidence in me. If it takes more than one year, then that's OK."

So with the recruiting process moving along and the in-home portion now behind him, is there a potential light at the end of the tunnel for the nation's number three overall prospect?

"I'm going to have it all behind me before the season. I'm going to enjoy my visits and then I'll sit down and [make a decision]. That's the plan. I want to be completely focused on winning another championship."

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