On To The Official Visits For Rivers

Now that he's had a chance to sit down and process three in-home visits from three of the biggest programs in the college basketball universe, Austin Rivers is ready to take the next step in the recruiting process: official visits.

"Honestly I had a great experience with all three coaches," said Austin Rivers. "If anyone is fortunate in all of this it's me. I got to have these guys all come in and sit down with me and really talk things out. We got to share experiences and really relate to each other. I'm very lucky to be in this position. Having Hall of Fame coaches coming in and talking about me and my career is an honor."

The position in question involves Kansas, North Carolina, and Duke all working hard to secure the nation's number three overall prospect. Each spent time over the last week traveling Winter Park and making a distinctive pitch to the Rivers family.

First up was North Carolina - the relative new comer to the recruitment. However, whenever Roy Williams is in town he commands the attention of any high major recruit.

"North Carolina has a roster full of All-Americans and I'd be coming in to play with great players all around me. It's a great school and they have a lot of talent there."

Following Williams was the coaching staff from Kansas who had a bit of a different message.

"With Coach Self the pitch was really about me coming in and being their guy. Coming in and helping the team win games. He's going to chew me out when I need it to help me get better, but that's a good thing."

And, finally, came Duke which met with the Rivers family on Tuesday night for more than three hours.

"It was the longest visit and their message is somewhere in between the other two. They have a lot of great players on their roster, but they are also pitching me the idea of coming in and being the guy. It's really similar to what Kyrie Irving is doing this year. I mean they have great players but they also have a real confidence that I can come in and be a go-to player. Plus, there's no bigger stage in college basketball than playing at Duke. I think most people would agree with that. I mean they are on ESPN 28 times a year - that's more than the Lakers. It's just one of the reasons I love Duke."

Though there are three different approaches, there was a commonality in each pitch - that each coach wants to Coach Rivers for a year at least, perhaps more.

"We all talked about the potential lockout and what it could mean. I mean guys like Harrison, Kyrie, and Josh are all going to be gone after a year. If they are there that is great, but I don't expect any of them to be there. They will have incredible opportunities when the draft comes up. I don't see any of them passing it up, no matter what anyone says."

"Another good thing was they all want to coach me because they love the game and think it would be a good fit. I mean none of them are using me to get famous or anything. Coach Self is a great coach. Coach Roy is a hall of fame coach. And Coach K has done everything possible in basketball. I mean, come on, what hasn't he done? He's won four titles, the Olympics, the World Championships, and he's going to set the wins record soon. None of these guys need any recruit to make them any more famous. They just want me to play at their program because they want to coach me and make me better."

After speaking to all three, Austin will now look to build on his experiences with official visits to all three schools. Though he admits any one visit could change his thought process.

"I am really looking to take some questions and really ask them. I'm not afraid to ask questions and clarify is what is being said to me. I mean this is my life and my career tied up in all of this. I'm going to ask the questions and then I'm going to see what they say. It's mainly going to be about seeing where I get the best vibe. If I find that after a visit, that's something to think about, obviously."

Rivers is scheduled to visit North Carolina the first weekend of October, Duke for Countdown to Craziness on October 15th and Kansas the following week.

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