Catching Up With Marshall Plumlee

As he prepares to enter his final high school season, Duke bound center Marshall Plumlee has a checklist of things he wants to accomplish before joining his brothers in Durham. TDD sat down with the youngest Plumlee recently to catch up.

TDD: Your senior year has started. What are some personal goals you've set for yourself?

Marshall Plumlee: I've got some written goals in the form of a checklist that I keep in my room. I'm the type of person and player who is going to talk with my coaches about my development and I've gotten plenty of great advice on setting personal goals.

Such as?

Well, one thing they tell me is that it's a good thing for me to be good at a few things and then keep getting better as I develop. I know for me I want to be smart about several areas including rebounding and playing defense. It's a personal goal of mine to get stronger and to gain good weight, as well. Those are two areas that I'm going to be putting a lot of effort into this season.

As a rebounder, are you the type who is more an effort guy or are you more a position and angles type rebounder?

I'm trying to learn how to be both. Talking with my brothers and watching players in the NBA, I've learned that it's important to have a blend of both styles. I do see the importance of playing with a high motor, especially when it comes to rebounding.

Obviously there is a family legacy surrounding the game. Is that something you appreciate all the time or can there be a bit of pressure from carrying it?

I always appreciate positive reviews, and I really don't mind the comparison to my brothers. I know for me I'm really happy going to the same school as Miles and Mason, and I know it's just part of the situation to have articles come out that focus on all three of us.

Every player makes the college decision based on a lot of different factors, in your mind what made the decision for you?

I do try to stay in touch as much as I can and I am good friends with a lot of different guys, both on the team and also guys that are coming in in my class. I got to spend time with Mike Gbinije on my visit to Duke recently and I've also gotten to know Quinn Cook a good bit at tournaments and the like. I'm really excited for the years they are going to have. Guys like Austin Rivers, Mike Gbinije, and all the kids Duke is recruiting, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do during the year.

What are your impressions of the projected Duke front court when you arrive?

I think it's going to bring out the best of each other, and I want to work to earn the right to play a role that will help the team win. I know my brothers have benefited in their time at Duke getting to play against in practice against guys like Brian Zoubek, Lance Thomas and others. I know that when I get to Duke and get to play with guys like Josh Hairston, my brothers, and Tyler Adams that we're going to get better.

How different are your brothers now than when they first got to Duke?

I think one of the big things is that my brothers are becoming more and more valued for the contributions they are bringing to the team, and they are in a great position to be an important part of the team. They've worked incredibly hard and have learned so much from the coaching staff in their time at Duke. I'm aiming, like they do to make myself relevant as a player in the program. Someone who can be counted on.

They are both making solid progress weight wise in the weight room, especially Miles. I know for Mason, he learned a lot this summer as a player at different opportunities that he had. They are more and more athletic every time I see them, and they also seem more veteran like in their approach. They are very motivated to be the best and I'm learning a lot just watching them grow as people and players.

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