Militello Talks Duke Visit

Despite the outcome a few weeks back, there were several positive vibes emanating from Wallace Wade Stadium after Alabama left town. One source was 6-foot-4 2012 signal caller Thomas Militello who was on campus to visit and watch.

"I was very impressed with the atmosphere of the Alabama game," said St. Louis Missouri product Thomas Militello. "I thought getting to the game three hours early would give be plenty of time, but even then the parking lots were packed and the tailgaters were everywhere. I thought the extra seats in the end zone looked good as well. The best part was walking down the tunnel to the field, it was an amazing experience."

Despite the pre-game fanfare and atmosphere, the Crimson Tide showed why they are prohibitive favorites this season, rolling through the first half at a frantic pace before cruising to a 62-13 win. Despite the outcome, however, Militello said his opinions of Duke haven't changed.

"It didn't affect my view of Duke football and the direction the program is heading. I think Ingram, Richardson, and Julio Jones are top five picks. I didn't realize those guys were that good until I saw them in person."

As one of several recruits on campus - nearly 150 to be exact - did Militello believe his opinions were shared by the collective group of prospects?

"I think, like me, they were all amazed at the abilities of Ingram and Richardson. But they know it was just one game against the nation's number one team. They all like the coaches and where the program is headed. If you are a good football player and want to go to a strong academic school, I don't see why any recruit wouldn't consider Duke."

The on the field experience aside, Militello said he also had a chance to visit with the coaching staff before and after the game.

"As we were headed towards the pre-game warmups I bumped into Coach Roper and Coach Cutcliffe also happened to come by, so we got to talk for a short time. I also talked to Coach Roper after the game for around 15 minutes. We talked about the game plan and the actual game. The offense certainly wanted to put more points on the board. We also talked about my season and he told me he wants me to come down for Junior Day. Once their season is over he's going to come to St. Louis."

"I also had a chance to go into the locker room. I was tentative about it because of the game's final score. The mood was pretty subdued, but I spoke to a few of the players and coaches and all were really nice and optimistic about where things are heading.

As his season motors on, Militello continues to gain interest. Through the first four games he's completed 85 of 145 passes for 933 yards with eight touchdowns and five interceptions. He credits his strong start to a summer on the camp scene which included stops at Duke, Wake Forest, Virginia, Boston College, Missouri, Illinois, and Nebraska along with adding 15 pounds.

To date Militello says the most active schools in his recruitment are Illinois, Missouri, Boston College, Duke, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Each program is asking for him to attend various home games.

"I can get to Missouri and Illinois because they are close. I'm also hoping to visit Boston College in late November. All of those schools have said they will have someone on their coaching staff visit my school once the season is over." 

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