A Q&A With Q

Quincy Miller - one of the top players in the class of 2011 - talks with TDD about his summer, recruiting, and more in this one on one interview.

TDD: How has the transition to Westchester Country Day School been going?

Quincy Miller: Man, that school is no joke. It's pretty hard, but good. They've been helping me with studying for the SAT, which is really good.

What was the experience like for you at the Boost Mobile Elite 24 event over the summer?

That was real cool. It was a great experience getting to know some new guys like Adonis Thomas, Johnny O'Bryant, Amir Williams, and I also got to hang out with guys that I already knew pretty well like Austin Rivers, Quinn Cook and Myck Kabongo. We were hanging out a good bit with each other.

How's the relationship with Austin Rivers now that you've played multiple events against him and played with him on a Team USA team?

Me and Austin are real close, we spent a lot of time together playing with Team USA, I actually called him a couple minutes after he put it out there that he was committing to Duke, we talked for awhile, I told him I was really happy for him in his choice, he's going to a good school with Duke.

Does Duke landing back to back top guards do anything to the perception of the program in your eyes?

It's definitely something that I look at, those are both two really talented players, Duke's going to have some really good guards the next couple of years.

Playing within the Team USA program, how much did you look at the National Team with the NBA guys over the last few years?

I definitely watched them a lot these past few years, especially this summer with Kevin Durant. He's a guy I really like a lot as a player, he's somebody that I watched every single time they played to try and pickup things that he did on the court.

Sounds like you really paid attention to how Durant got to play with Team USA.

I think the big thing I noticed with Durant was that Coach K let him play his game. He was a leader on that team even though he was young, and it was interesting to watch him play with all the other NBA guys, because he still got to play a big role on that team, which was good to see.

Has Coach K talked with you about what he did in terms of coaching Durant since the comparison has been made between you and Durant in terms of playing style?

Yeah, I actually talked with Coach K right after he got back from winning the Tournament Championship this summer, he just told me how special coaching Durant was. He said Kevin brought a professional attitude each day, and he came to play every single day.

The national team and how various players were and are used has been a topic of conversation for a lot of recruits, but for you is it something you related to or is it not that big a deal?

Well, I definitely want to be versatile when I go to college. I look at Durant and he gets to play his game, both in the NBA and on the National Team, but at the end of the day, I have to make the decision that's best for me.

From an outsiders perspective, the perception is that the relationship with Duke has gone through some ups and downs in terms of mutual interest?

I would say that at one point in time in the past we both slowed down in our interest in each other, but I think I've always been interested in Duke and I feel like Duke's been interested in me too.

How would you characterize your relationship with Duke at this point? There's a perception out there - because of the perceived cooling off period - that it may not be something that's a serious option on your end.

To me, most of the perceptions that are out there are just flat out false. I do feel like I'm taking my recruitment really seriously, and Duke is a place that I'm really interested in. I just talked with Coach James from Duke today. He called me to see if I was still interested in Duke and I told him that I still really like Duke, and he told me that Duke still likes me a lot. Me and Coach K have had some real talks with each other, and I know where things stand with Duke, just like I know where things stand with schools like Baylor and Louisville and Oklahoma.

How does the potential NBA Lockout affect things for you in terms of your college choice?

It's something that I am aware of that could happen, but it's not affecting things too much for me. When I go to college, I want to win a National Championship, that's something that's really important to me.

If you had to stay for two years in college due to the NBA Lockout, who do you feel gives you the best opportunity to compete for a national championship?

Well, I'm going to work hard no matter what, so whether it's a school like Duke who has a lot of talent each year, or a team like Baylor or Louisville or Oklahoma who are up and coming and have some talent too, that's something I'm looking at, I'm not afraid of competition.

I was talking with Rodney Purvis this evening and he mentioned the friendship he has with you, how long have you guys been friends?

Yeah, Rodney, that's my little dude, he's a real good guy. I've known him for awhile. I know him from being around Raleigh, and he's a great player. We text message with each other a lot. It's kinda like a big brother, little brother type relationship.

He mentioned that you had told him you were planning on going to Duke for Countdown to Craziness. Is that still on?

Yeah, I am planning on going, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Kyrie is going to play, and I'm just looking at how Duke is going to be advertising their program. They are going to be putting up the National Championship Banner, lot of people are going to be there, should be a lot of fun.

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