'13 PG Enjoyed Duke Visit

Though he's a few years away from making a collegiate decision, Washington (D.C.) Gonzaga College High standout Nate Britt has already begun racking up interest and offers. Last week he was among the group of recruits invited to kick off the college hoops season at Duke.

"Right now I have offers from Georgetown and Arizona," said Nate Britt. "The other schools that are recruiting me so far are Duke, Villanova, Maryland, NC State, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Virginia, West Virginia, Marquette, Miami, Boston College, and Seton Hall."

Measuring out around an even six feet and 165 pounds, Britt is the latest high major point guard prospect to come out of the D.C. area and to play for the DC Assault on the AAU circuit. Currently the big name guard for the Assault is Quinn Cook, but when Britt takes over next summer there isn't expected to be much of a drop-off.

Britt is described as a traditional floor general that can change speeds well, and a player that excels in the open court and in the up-tempo game. With high major programs being defined by the quality of their backcourt, it's no wonder Nate has so many schools in so early. However he's not in a rush.

"I'm really just taking it all in right now. I've visited Duke, Virginia Tech, and Villanova so far. Having so many top flight programs looking at me is really a blessing. So far my favorite recruiting moments have been playing in an open gym with the currently players, but the best experience has been the Countdown to Craziness event at Duke."

Not only did Britt enjoy the show put on in Cameron, he also spent several hours getting an inside look at the Blue Devil program.

"The visit was great. I got to Duke around 4:30 and came home on Saturday around 4:00. It was really fun to watch the ring ceremony partially because that's where I want to be one day. I enjoyed watching the guys play as well. The team looks to be very talented this year. I'm looking forward to following them this season."

"There were a lot of recruits there - Austin, Quinn, Mike, Rodney, Amile, Rasheed, and Tony. I knew most of them from the AAU circuit and it was really cool to see everyone and just kind of catch up."

On Saturday Britt has a chance to see a more traditional Duke practice and came away impressed with the intensity of the session as the Blue Devils prepare to defend their fourth title while chasing their fifth.

"I liked how the practice went. It seems like they touched on everything Saturday. I liked how Coach K and the rest of the staff were very hands on with the practice. I learned quite a few things about guarding the screen and roll that I can take home with me. I was most surprised by the intensity and communication of the practice. The players and coaches were very vocal the entire time."

Before heading back home, Britt also had a chance to talk to the coaching staff.

"They asked me how I enjoyed Countdown to Craziness and how my high school team would be looking this year. Coach James also gave me the scoop on where he thought the team was and what he thought they'd need to work on before the season started."

Speaking of high school ball, how does Gonzaga look this season?

"Our first official practice is November 8th. We have a very good team but the WCAC is always really tough. You never know what may happen. If we do all the right things and improve in certain areas we should be playing in our conference championship and city title games."

"We need to learn our roles as a team. We lost three seniors last year that carried the majority of the load -- Tyler Thornton, Cedrick Lindsay, and Malcolm Lemmons. Personally I need to improve on knocking down the three point shot with more consistency. I see myself bringing a lot to the defensive game this year. I was a pretty good defender last year, but guarding our seniors in practice and some of the toughest guards in the country on the summer circuit has made me that much tougher."

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