Marshall Plumlee Recaps Visit

Though he was already committed, there was a buzz in Cameron Indoor Stadium when Marshall Plumlee arrived. TDD spoke with the seven footer recently to get his thoughts on the weekend and the team as a whole.

Getting started, what was the Countdown to Craziness experience like?

Marshall Plumlee: It really got me even more excited about coming to play for the Duke Basketball Team, that's for sure my first reaction. After that, it's so obvious that we have such a talented team this year, and I'm really excited to see how well they are going to play.

When did you get to Duke that night?

Unfortunately we had to show up just a little bit after everything had kicked off. I unfortunately had to change my first tire as I got a flat on the way to campus, and there was crazy traffic, but all I really missed was the player introductions. I got to see the rest of it.

Your brother, Miles, had a unique introduction. Was that something you were aware of?

We had talked about that awhile back. He was thinking about coming out on his unicycle for his introduction. He thought it'd be a good way to show some of his personality. He's been riding that unicycle since he was in 8th grade, and he's really been getting back into riding it around campus at Duke.

Do you and Mason try your hand at the unicycle?

Oh yeah, we've both tried it, I would say I've tried it more than Mason has, but we can all do it, Miles is just the best at it. He's put in some real time on it. It's all in fun, we enjoy it.

When you did finally arrive, where'd you sit and with whom?

I had the opportunity to sit with my family and with some good friends of mine from Christ School, it was a lot of fun to be with them. But I also had a lot of time to meet with some of the recruits that were there, that was really great.

Like who

There were some familiar faces that I got to spend time with both during the game and also after the game at my brother's apartment. I spent some time with Austin Rivers which was really nice, Quinn Cook, Mike Gbinije, it was really nice to learn more about them about who they are as people outside of basketball. I can't wait to be teammates with guys like Austin and Mike, and hopefully Quinn can come to Duke as well, he's really talented.

Did being a future Blue Devil change your experience at CTC?

Yes sir, it was just simply a blast, the Crazies made me feel right at home, they chanted my name, they were just really friendly towards me and my family. After the game we were hanging out on the court and people were coming up wishing me well, telling me how excited they were that I was part of the Duke family now, taking pictures with me, getting autographs, you can tell Duke fans really know about their players, they were just very genuine people.

Did you make practice the next day?

I did. The main thing I tried to do was just listen, there was so much good knowledge coming my way from observing the coaches and players during the practices. I felt like I needed a pad and pencil. I'm really hoping that I continue to be a player that seeks to learn more and more each day, at a place like Duke, you can learn so much if you pay attention.

As a big guy, what did you notice about the big guys and how they are being used in practice?

The thing that was hard with this practice was it was much more of a team oriented practice, they didn't split up into post players and guards except for a few segments, but in talking with my brothers about their experience with Coach Wojo, they speak very highly of him and have great respect for him as a coach and a person. He pushes them to get better everyday and I'm really looking forward to learning from him.

The thing I noticed during the Duke practice is that all the assistant coaches give out great advice to the players, guys are willing to listen to the coaches, and you can tell the coaches try to put the guys in the best position to succeed as basketball players on the court. It's very obvious in practice when Coach K speaks, when he does, it's all eyes on him, as it should be.

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