Duke v. UVa Quotes

The Blue Devils met the media following their victory over Virginia on Saturday

Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe
On the game:

"It was unbelievable. Those young men deserve to win. It certainly wasn't perfect, but both teams played well, and played well enough to win. We were fortunate enough to get off to a good start and had a great finish. Sometimes that's what you do to win football games."

On playing quarterbacks Connette and Renfree:
"Brandon [Connette] is a heckuva football player and we are fortunate to have two guys who can play that position as well as those two [Connette and Renfree] play it at times. You think about this game, there's so much to talk about, I'm almost in shock. I don't know when the last time Duke gave up 600-plus yards and 48 points and won. Anybody for that matter; it doesn't happen very often. Guys made plays on defense that helped us win. Guys made plays on offense that helped us win. This is the exact thing we talked about Thursday night, and if you think back about the kicking game, we were about picture-perfect in the kicking game, really well done."

On Duke's fumble in the fourth quarter:
"I still want to see that on tape. I thought, and you can't see it clearly, but our coaches thought he landed on his back and the ball popped out. It shouldn't happen. He got caught off the backside. Just unfortunate, but the quarterbacks took care of the ball. We took the ball away from them at times when it was really critical. So a lot of great things in every phase, which is how you win ACC football games. In the fourth quarter, facing as much adversity as often as we did, most Duke teams in recent years haven't been able to emotionally handle that. That's a tribute to our seniors. That's a tribute to our freshmen and that's certainly a tribute to our coaches. That's certainly going to help us as we move forward with this program."

On the fourth-down conversion in the fourth quarter:
"Thank goodness they went to two-deep. We had an all-go route on and [Donovan Varner]'s got a win route. He's got a read route for him, where he read the middle of the field open. They hand a guy vertically stretching him and [it was a] perfect throw, a tremendous throw, and a great call by Kurt Roper. Those fourth-and-eighteens, you don't just have a bunch of those up top as a play caller, so it was a great job by Kurt."

On Duke's ability to run the ball:
"We had six rushing touchdowns. It's one of the things I believe in and it's one of the reasons we were able to win the game; we ran the ball better than they ran the ball in the second half. That was critical. Obviously we gave up some big yards passing and they're not a great passing team. We've got to look at ourselves and see what we're doing defensively. But Sean Renfree is fast. I've been telling people. Now they might believe me."

Duke Offensive Coordinator Kurt Roper
On the 4th-and-18 play call:

"We were obviously in a tough situation with 18 yards to go and we had to get something that gets beyond the sticks. It wasn't a play that you could throw in and hope you could run for it. So we put in a full vertical scheme all go and Donovan [Varner] has the first option. He found a way to beat the linebacker over the top and inside the safety and just made a heck of a football play."

On the touchdown by Desmond Scott:
"My thoughts at that point we were on the 30-yard line so a field goal wins. And then I was really honestly trying to be smart with the football and get something going fast and we just put in a new little crack pulse into the boundary and I'm hoping to get it to the 25 or 20 and help [Will] Synderwine. And players make plays and Desmond [Scott] stepped up and made a great play and got a couple of really good blocks over there so I think it was a game of truly players making plays.

Duke Cornerback Ross Cockrell
On his two interceptions this afternoon:

"We had the perfect play call for the second one. The second basically I act like I'm pressing the ball and then I just run straight down the field when they snap the ball. I was doing that and the receiver just ran straight into me and the quarterback threw it up and I just attacked the ball. On the first one, I don't even really remember it. I was just so excited to see the ball. I just go out there and I try to make plays the best way I can and the coaches do a great job of putting me in the position to make plays."

On the win:
"It was a great win. The offense definitely stepped it up big time for us. I know I gave up a touchdown on a slant that I shouldn't have done. Our offense came up big each and every time. Kelby [Brown] was just running the alleys hard. Our linebacker corps in general was all over the field today. I just really appreciate knowing that I can play my position deep and knowing that I'm going to have a lot of help inside."

On the team congratulating him on an interception in practice during the week:
"The scout team ran a post route on me. I jumped the post undercut it and picked it off. As soon as I caught it everybody ran out to me and started patting me on the head because everybody knows what happened to me last week against Navy. I had some chances there. I just want to go out there and make some plays the best way I can to help the team."

Duke Quarterback Sean Renfree
On the victory:

"We'll take the win any way we can get it. No matter how many points you have to score, it's nice that we can put up points when we need to."

On some of the hard hits he took:
"At times it was tough, but I think overall our offensive line did a real good job. At some points I held the ball for too long and obviously it cost me. But I think I had to take some shots when I needed to."

The 4th down and 20 play to Donovan Varner:
"We just had an all-go concept on. The safeties were wide enough that we were able to get a one-on-one matchup with Donovan [Varner] up the middle. He was able to beat his defender real nicely and made a real good play."

On his rushing game this afternoon:
"That's something I focused on the last couple of games that when something's not there in the passing game to not to force it and just run and get as many yards as I can. The receivers did a great job with blocking down field and allowing me to run all the way to the end zone."

On coming back after falling behind twice:
"We'll come back from whatever we need to. It says a lot about our team to come back like that and keep fighting all the way to the end."

On the final three games of the season:
"We have some good momentum going forward. We're playing some very good teams, but we're looking forward to it and look to finish out strong."

On having former quarterback Thaddeus Lewis back on the sideline:
"I think having Thad around helped a lot because he's a real energetic guy and guys look around and see Thad and they can't help but smile and play with some more energy. He's been leading this team for a long time so having him around helped us a lot today."

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