Checking In With Rodney Purvis

There have been a number of happenings lately on the recruiting trail as Duke closed out the class of 2011 and moved on to the class of 2012. Check out the latest from one of the top juniors in the country.

How did your recent trip out west go? Which event was it?

Rodney Purvis: It was kinda like a skill and development camp, I went out there with my friend from school, Tyreke, and I had some other friends like Shabazz Muhammad who was at the camp as well. Overally, the camp was real cool. Aside from playing basketball, we actually got to go down to a Habitat for Humanity home and so some work to help out the family whose house was being built.

Were you and Shabazz on the same team or playing against one another?

We worked out together, but then we got the opportunity to play together on the same team in the all star game at the camp. Playing with Shabazz was a lot of fun. He can do everything on the court, and he takes a lot of pressure off of me. It gives me the opportunity to bring the ball up and get him involved. He can post up, I can find him in transition on the wings, we can run pick and roll, he's just a really good player to play with.

It would seem as though you have a comfort level playing with other top flight guards. Is that something you look forward to in college?

I would say it's a big factor [in my decision]. I want to be able to be a creator and a scorer in college, and I would like to play with somebody in the backcourt who we can each make life easier for each other. I'm not going to lie, playing with Shabazz would be good, but it's not the only thing I look at.

You guys both have a lot of the same schools recruiting you. Which schools have offered you both?

Thinking about it off the top my head, I know we both have offers from Louisville, Duke, Texas and other schools too that I can't remember. Shabazz has offers from Kentucky and North Carolina but I don't right now.

Is that a big deal for you at this point?

I would say that I would like to have offers from Kentucky and North Carolina. They are both really good schools with good traditions. I think something else that might be affecting the situation is that I just recently re-classified to the 2012 class. I know with Kentucky I'm planning on visiting them soon, possibly next month. Coach O(Antigua) and I talk a lot in different ways, we've got a great relationship. They are trying to get me on campus to watch a game and practice and stuff like that. I think, at the end of the day, Shabazz and I are going to support each other no matter where we go. We both would like to play with each other, but the way we look at it, if he has a great situation for himself at a different school than from where I have a great situation for me, we have to do what's best for ourselves and for our families to accomplish our dreams.

When comparing schools what do you look for in terms of how schools use their guards?

How a school plays their guards is something that I am paying close attention to,. It's one area of my decision that I'm going to be basing things on. With Coach K, it seems like he would setup the offense around me. I'd be free to do different things and play to my strengths. The other thing with Duke is that Coach K seems like he would let his guards go to the NBA if he felt like they were ready, but it also seemed like it's good with some guards that they stayed for a few years, then went to the NBA, they got better every year, and they are still making an impact in the NBA.

With Kentucky, it seems like they have the system already in place with the dribble drive offense, they've had a lot of success recently with getting guys in for a year, then onto the NBA, guys like John Wall, Tyreke and others.

Is than an advantage for UK? That they have a more recent history of putting guards into the high lottery last few years?

Not really to me, because I know with both schools they let their guards play, that's why it's so important that I ask a lot more questions to the schools that are recruiting me related to how they utilize their guards and how I would develop on their team.

Switching gears, if you had a chance to put together a starting five for an NBA team, what would it be?

I think at the 1 I would go with Chris Paul or John Wall, he's been getting better and better each game so far. At the 2, I'd go with Dwayne Wade, at the 3 I would go with LeBron, at the 4 I'd have Kevin Garnett and at the 5 I'd go with Dwight Howard.

Same question, but this time you have to put together a high school all-american team.

Well, for sure I'd have myself at the 1, doing the creating for the team, at the 2 I'd go with Shabazz, at the 3, I think I'd like Alex Murphy there, at the 4, I'd go with Hanner Perea and at the 5 I'd go with Isaiah Austin.

Pretty interesting lineup. What made you go with Murphy on the wing?

I really like Alex as a player, he can do so many different things. He's really athletic, he can shoot, space the floor, he's a good teammate and just a good guy to be around. He knows how to play the game. Him and I talk every now and then, he's a cool dude, like him a lot.

Now that you've accelerated your high school career and are a junior, how is the college prep going?

Academically things are going really well, I just got my report card this week and I am on the A/B Honor Roll at my school. My mom and I have been working to get me into some SAT prep classes. I want to do my best on it, even though I have a good GPA, that's not going to stop me from working hard on the SAT to get a good score.

With your classifying to 2012, what are your plans for next summer? Is it going to be all AAU, or are you going to try and do other stuff?

Well, I'm good friend with guys like Kyrie Irving, Quinn Cook, and Quincy Miller, and we've all talked about Team USA and their experience on the team. If I'm blessed to have the opportunity to compete to have an opportunity to try out for the Team next summer, I know it'd be an honor to be considered for that. In talking with Quinn he said it was a lot of fun playing on the team that went overseas, they went to a bunch of different places like Germany, they were gone for awhile he said. He said you eat different, he said it was cool getting to be there with all his friends playing.

You've mentioned Quinn as a good friend of yours in the past, what are your thoughts on him as a player?

Quinn is a pure point guard first and foremost, he's really smart with the ball, he's athletic, and he gives guys opportunities to score the ball. He knows how to look for guys to get them involved. I think we can both play together if we end up going to the same college, he's a really good point guard.

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