Quotes: Duke v. Marquette

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and forward Mason Plumlee met the media after the win over Marquette

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
"We were very pleased with the win. That is a hard fought win and we knew it would be that way. At this point in the year you play teams that haven't lost like Marquette. They have a great tradition and a unique style of play. They play hard and they can put four guards on the court to spread you. It is a difficult team to play against. I thought we started off well but did not build on it. I thought we got too happy with it. Those kids from Marquette turn you over. So you have to be strong with the ball. I thought our kids responded well to that type of pressure. Mason (Plumlee) played well and we had to great defensive plays by Andre (Dawkins) and Kyle (Singler)."

On Marquette's lack of size:
They are not big but they are strong. (Jae) Crowder and (Davante) Gardner played very well inside for them. We thought we could do a decent job on the offensive boards but our big guys are not developed big guys. So, that is why Mason's (Plumlee) performance was huge for us. We have a lot of development yet for this team."

On Mason playing down low this year:
"We think it is a better spot for him. He needs more touches low then high it is like he is a perimeter guy for us. It does not mean that he will not play high because when Miles (Plumlee) is in he will play high."

Duke Forward Mason Plumlee
Opening Statement:
"I thought we played well in spurts. Obviously there is some room for improvement. We had too many turnovers at times but we will improve on it tomorrow."

On Marquette's lack of size:
"Coach did mention that earlier in the week but they did not lack too much size. I know both Gonzaga and Kansas State both have good big men so we are looking for that test."

On if his mind set was to get the ball and score in the second half:
"Of course as a player you always want the ball. I just wanted to stay within the plays and take the opportunities that come my way. My teammates did a good job of hitting me. I think the two of the biggest plays were when Andre (Dawkins) got the steal and the layup and then Kyle (Singler) took a big charge."

On the lineup situations:
"We have had a couple lineup changes. It is early in the season for the coaches to decide what lineup will work. I know last season we were still changing lineups."

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