Expert's Take: Marshall Plumlee

For years he's been the third Plumlee brother. So what kind of player is Marshall Plumlee compared to Mason and Miles? TDD spoke to's national recruiting team to get a scouting report and general overview of the 7 foot commit from 2011.

He is the third brother, but he is also the tallest. So how does Marshall Plumlee's game differ from Mason and Miles?

Evan Daniels: His game is so very different from his brothers. Marshall is a guy with a terrific motor and I think he definitely plays harder than his brothers. He's not the athlete Mason is and he's probably not as skilled as Miles was coming out of school.

Brian Snow: Both Miles and Mason are more skilled than Marshall is. Marshall is the tallest, but he is far and away the most raw basketball wise of the three.

Being so much taller, does he have the same kind of leaping ability as the other two?

Evan Daniels: He's a very good athlete for his size and that's what helps him so much at this point. His motor is his biggest asset. He tries to grab every rebound, and though he doesn't have a great wingspan he never takes a play off which allows him to compete at a very high level.

Brian Snow: Marshall has bounce. Anyone who says he's not athletic is either blind or has never seen him. That cat can leap.

How would you compare him to the last Duke seven footer, Brian Zoubek, coming out of high school?

Evan Daniels: I didn't see that much of Brian in high school, but from what I remember Marshall definitely moves better and can play in an up and down system more quickly. He's not as thick as Brian was, but he gets off the floor quicker.

Brian Snow: He is way, way, way more athletic than Zoubek. I mean it isn't even close. Zoubek was a bit stronger and a naturally better rebounder, but Marshall is a much better athlete.

Is Marshall a guy who can go inside and get the tough rebound against a wider body guy?

Evan Daniels: He will need to get stronger, but he definitely plays hard and he's not frail at this point. Once he gets into the college weight room and gets stronger he'll be even better.

Brian Snow: He is capable of doing that, but it isn't something he does with a ton of regularity right now. It is an area of growth for him for sure, but he is capable.

Defensively, how good of a shot blocker or shot alterer is he?

Evan Daniels: I go back to his motor. He's very aggressive on defense and uses his athleticism and bounce to get after the ball.

Brian Snow: He is a decent shot blocker. Even though he is tall and athletic, he doesn't have very long arms, so in that respect I am not sure that I would call him long. He is a solid shot blocker though.

Offensively his brothers love to attack the basket and get the highlight reel dunk. Is the same true of Marshall?

Evan Daniels: When he is near the rim he tries to dunk everything. He isn't as skilled as his brothers, but he goes hard.

Brian Snow: He definitely has that in him. He loves to and tries to dunk the ball every time he's in the paint.

So, three brothers in three different classes. How do you rank a 2008 Miles, 2009 Mason, and a 2011 Marshall against one another?

Evan Daniels: I would go wit Mason first, Miles second, and Marshall third. Marshall is the most raw of the three, but he may also be the one with the most upside. The kid loves the game and is always pushing himself to get better. He's still learning the game and needs to get stronger, but those things will definitely happen in Durham.

Brian Snow: Mason to me was clearly the best prospect. I honestly am not even sure it is close. After that I would say Miles and then Marshall. Miles was probably the best shooter, Marshall the biggest, but outside of that Mason was the ahead of the other two in every other area.

So what's the general scouting report in terms of strengths and weaknesses

Evan Daniels: Again, the strengths are his size, his motor, and that he plays hard on each and every play. For weaknesses I think the biggest thing is that Marshall is his biggest critic. He plays hard all the time, but he gets down when mistakes happen and it can cause him to lose focus.

Brian Snow: His biggest strength is his athleticism and sheer height. He needs to really improve his feel for the game and basketball skill. Right now he is more of a raw athlete than anything.

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