Expert's Take: Michael Gbinije

He was the first commitment from the class of 2011, and he may also be the most versatile. So what kind of player is Michael Gbinije? TDD spoke with's National Recruiting team to get a scouting report.

One of the most prevalent scouting report on Michael Gbinije is that he's not great in any one area of the game, but is very good in all of them. Is that an accurate assessment?

Evan Daniels: That's very accurate. He is solid across the board. He's a good shooter, scorer, and can get to the basket very well. I think he'll have a similar impact to Andre Dawkins in that Coach K will use him in a similar capacity. He'll get spot minutes early, but will be a very good player over his four years and ready to make a major impact later in his career.

Brian Snow: I would say that is very accurate. There is no flash or wow to his game at all, but he is just so solid in everything you ask him to do.

In general what are his strengths and weaknesses?

Evan Daniels: He's a strong scorer and shooter. He's been relied upon to do both by his AAU and high school teams. He's also improved his rebounding and will be willing to board from the wing. For weaknesses he doesn't have great speed, but he's a good athlete. Similar to Rivers he needs to play hard on every play on defense and he needs to improve his ball handling.

Brian Snow: His strength is that he is versatile and can do everything asked of him. The weakness is he doesn't have that next level ability at any one thing.

He's got similar measureables to Josh Hairston in that he's around 6'7. However, their games are substantially different, correct?

Evan Daniels: Josh is a power forward. A face up four man who can shoot it out to 18 feet, but that's his limit. Gbinije is more fluid and more of a big guard who likes to attack the basket off the wing. He's also got a lot more range than Josh. Obviously Josh is a much better interior guy who will hit the boards.

Brian Snow: There is no way on this planet or any other that he is 6-foot-7. He is about 6-foot-5, and is nothing like Hairston. He is a wing who at times can play SG or SF, but really him and Hairston are nothing alike.

A lot of this has been focused on his offense. So what kind of defender is he?

Evan Daniels: He's a good defender. He's got good lateral quickness for a small forward and plays solid on the ball defense.

Brian Snow: Overall he's a very good, very willing defender.

So, bottom line…how do you see his career playing out at Duke?

Evan Daniels: I don't see him having a big impact as a freshman. Like I said, he'll get spot minutes early and will play a role for the team. By the time he's a junior and senior he'll be pretty good and will have the potential to have a national level impact.

Brian Snow: I see him having a productive career at Duke. I don't see him having a major early impact, but I do think he will see the floor some in year one.

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