Austin Rivers: Journal Entry IV

As his senior season continues, Duke bound scoring guard Austin Rivers checks in with TDD to update fans on his team's progress and an unexpected visit to Durham.

What's up Duke fans?

It's been a while since my last entry, and I've been really busy with my high school season. Our team is doing really well and have played a lot of good competition. We've lost four games, but all four teams were nationally ranked and I felt like we had a chance to win each of those games, but we didn't execute as well as we could have. But, we're growing as a team each game and have started to get comfortable with each other. I feel really good about our season and where we're going.

Personally I've tried to help out in a lot of different ways. My strength has always been scoring the basketball, but I'm trying to add different things to my game and to the way I score. For high school I'm a pretty big guard at 6-foot-4 and a half, so I've been working on post up moves a lot more this year. Just always trying to add a new wrinkle here and there because I know guys are gunning for me every time we step on the court.

Having a target on my back is, I think, preparing me for the next level and playing at Duke since they seem to get everyone's best shot every night. I am really looking forward to that because I feel like I play my best when someone is trying to make a name off my team and I. It's like my dad told me this summer…guys will come after you because of where some analysts rank you. Every time you step on the court you have to leave no doubt as to who the best player is. You don't ever want to leave and have people debating who number one was. I remember that every time I get on the court.

With such a busy schedule it's been hard to catch a lot of Duke games live, but I've recorded and watched all of them including last night's tough game against Florida State where the Seminoles really came out motivated and played hard. It was a tough game, but I am sure the guys will learn from it and Coach K is the best in the game, so I know they will bounce back and be ready to go this weekend against Virgina.

I'm excited to see them bounce back for a few reasons. Most importantly because I want to support my future teammates, but also because I'm going to be in the house this weekend. I actually planned it pretty recently since I didn't have anything going on, and this was probably one of my only chances to get up to a game in Cameron. I'm looking forward to seeing the place rocking for a real ACC game.

Shabazz Muhammad will be there also, and I am looking forward to meeting him. I am pretty sure he's just coming to see what things are all about, and I don't think there's going to be too much recruiting going on from me. Every recruit needs to make the right decision for himself and his family. For me that was Duke, and if he asked I would just tell him the reasons Duke is right for me. I mean you have the best coach in the game coaching you every day, you are playing on the biggest stage in college basketball, and it's just a prime time spot. All of your games are on ESPN and you're always everyone's biggest game. That kind of environment makes you better and really can prepare you for the next level. Away from basketball you are in an environment with people who are going to be successful in all walks of life, which will help you when your basketball career is over.

Some people say that we play the same position, but I think we could easily play together. I think I'm more of a combo guard and he's more of a combo wing. Duke is always going for the top players and Coach K has proven at every level that he knows how to get guys to play together and make and challenge each other to be better every day.

Another person I'm looking forward to seeing on my visit is Kyrie [Irving]. I know it's killing him to be on the sideline, but it's not that big of a deal. A player like him will come back and be stronger than ever. I think he'll be back on the court this season, probably by tournament season and I'm looking forward to watching him come back and hopefully playing with him next season.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and I can't wait to see the Crazies this weekend. Thanks for reading everyone.

- Austin

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