Lucas Patrick talks official visit

Lucas Patrick, offensive guard from Brentwood, Tenn., is committed to playing for Duke in the fall. After speaking with him this afternoon, his enthusiasm for the program and commitment to the team is clear.

"I committed last May, around the end of my junior season," Lucas Patrick said of his future with the Blue Devils. "What really got me were the people up there. I really felt connected to the program, the coaches, and especially the players. They couldn't compare to other universities, which is a big part in my mind."

The 6-3, 300 lb athlete traveled to North Carolina last weekend for a visit on his future campus and field.

"It went great," said Patrick. "It was fun getting to know the coaches and players on a more personal level, and seeing campus from a new perspective instead of just a tour."

Patrick continued about the weekend experience.

"I stayed with (offensive guard) Dave Harding," he said. "I had met him previously on other visits, but this time we got to really hang out. He really let me know what he thought about the program, and where it was going."

The high school athlete had visited Duke "probably three or four times before," but got the most interactive experience this time around.

"They did a weight room display, and we watched a display in the training room," he explained. "They were surprised when I weighed in at 300 lbs. I think me and a couple of the other guys will be bringing in some pretty good size up front, to get in the trenches."

The athlete also got the opportunity to catch up with his future position coach.

"I got to talk a little bit of football with the Offensive Line coach," said of Coach Matt Luke. "He was a former player under Coach Cutcliffe, which really helps because he knew how Cutcliffe ran things. They have good communication going through with all of them."

When asked what impressed him most about the current program he explained, "How the players reacted towards the season, and their demeanor. They're so ready to win, and they were so close in certain games.

"They told me that they're not just losses; they all hurt, and meant something to every single person. They're ready to turn this thing around and win.

"The coaches told me to really stick it out my senior year, end highly in academics, and stay a good person in the community. Because now I represent not only myself, but also Duke football."

"I'm 'Blue' through and through," Patrick said of the status of his commitment.

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