Skura Locked In For Signing Day

Offensive guard Matt Skura committed to playing for Duke in June 2010. The Columbus, Ohio resident shared his opinions on the future of the Blue Devils' program, and why he's chosen to play for them over offers from Ball State and the Air Force.

"There were a lot of other schools recruiting me," the 6-3, 265-pound athlete said. "One thing that was important for me was to commit to a school before my senior year, and a lot of other schools that were interested wanted me to wait until after the season to see my senior highlights.

"Getting an offer from Duke was definitely an eye-opener. I was really interested in it during the winter season last year. Then they invited me to the camp, and I got offered. I committed a couple days after."

Skura described his experience with his visits to Durham.

"I've made three total visits so far," he said, "and the first was going to their camp. I was really shocked at how small the school was; I always thought Duke was as big as Ohio State, so I really liked that it was actually on the smaller side.

"I also found out from my official visit that classes only have between 25-30 students, so you get a lot more time with teachers. I got to meet the offensive linemen, and really got to talk and hang out with other players. I met some of the coaches, and got to know them a lot better."

The lineman continued to explain what stood out about Duke's program.

"I like the positive direction that I know coach Cutcliffe wants to go in," Skura said. "I felt really comfortable there; I knew they needed me in my position, and didn't want me as just another player, so that was another selling point."

"Coach Luke, the o-line coach, said he wants guys who want to go play in the NFL, and have that as their goal. Luke and I talk the most-usually once or twice a week."

Skura shared the guidance he's received from Luke.

"He told me to definitely just keep working hard, keep lifting, and staying in shape because that's one thing that's important coming into the summer workouts. That's a big part of training, and I've been doing that."

Matt Skura hopes to put his best foot forward in adding value to his future team.

"I want to keep a positive outlook on what Duke is trying to become," he explained. "I know they've had a lot of struggles, and some guys are questioning the program. So I want to come in, help get the program started, turn it around, and help Duke become one of the best in the ACC."

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