Signee Spotlight: Kyler Brown

Following in the footsteps of his older brother Kelby, linebacker Kyler Brown is now officially a part of the Blue Devil football program. FOXsports/ learned more from the athlete of his brother's influence and his own future at Duke.

"It ended up that I was between Duke and Oregon," the 6-4, 215-pound athlete said of his pre-signing day choices. "I visited both, thought about it for a good day, and came out with my decision.

"My official was great, and I was able to hang out with my brother, and see what the fans were like," he added.

Brown had a major advantage in early exposure during his brother's recruitment process a year prior to his own.

"He's been a good influence in my decision," he said. "Once he got recruited by Duke and decided to go there I started my relationship with the coaches then, at the same time he was, and got to know them really well."

The player is in closest contact with Coach Lubick whom he describes as, "a really personable guy who wants to have a good relationship with all of his players," and, "pushes to get a good team base and focus towards a goal."

Brown continued about his experience with his brother.

"Going on unofficial visits as a junior helped me to get sight of what recruitment was really like," he said. "It matured me enough to see what was right for me. Being able to play with him, that's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I had to take it."

Brown also looks to his brother for advice in preparing for the college field.

"Most of the words of encouragement come from my brother even more than my coaches," he explained. "He's pretty well-tuned to what the game is like compared to the high school level."

The player expressed the need for, "getting adjusted to the speed of the game," and hopes to bring, "a great defensive year and hopefully many victories" to the Blue Devils.

"Duke is second to none; you pretty much can't match it," said Brown. "Being able to get such a great education, and being ranked number nine in the nation academically, that's awesome. It's so great being able to get a great athletic career with the academics to match."

Kyler Brown

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