Three Star OT Getting Interest

Colorado offensive lineman Paul Thurston has a lot of interest early on in his recruitment. He's also beginning to pick up a number of offers. The three star prospect spoke to TDD about it all recently.

"I've been privileged to play varsity from my freshman year," said Arvada (Colo.) offensive lineman Paul Thurston. "I played left tackle during my sophomore and junior seasons, and I played right tackle my freshman season. For college I am being told I can play tackle because of my long arms, but I also have the size to play guard."

Currently Thurston measures out at 6-foot-5 and 266 pounds with a personal best forty time of 5.1. In the weight room his measureables are just as good with a squat max of 495 pounds, a bench press of 275, and a power clean of 305 pounds. He also has a vertical jump of 28 inches on the books. And, he's a student of the game.

"I'd wish I could say I don't need to work on anything, but I know to make it in college and pros I need to get stronger and nastier every year. I also know that I will need to become a better student of the game. I look forward to the growth and experience that I'll get on the next level."

"But, coaches have told me that my good feet give me the ability to move in open space and make blocks other kids can't. My strength levels and nasty streak also give me a big advantage over defensive players."

That report card along with an impressive highlight tape has a number of programs interested early on.

"I have early verbal offers from California and Colorado, and I'm hearing from a lot of other schools. LSU, Oregon, Notre Dame, Stanford, Georgia, Arizona, Arizona State, Boise State, Cal, Nebraska, NW, UCLA, Utah, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, CU, Duke, and Washington."

The Blue Devils, who normally concentrate their recruiting efforts in the Southeastern portion of the country, have made an exception to pursue Thurston in a big way and the three star prospect has taken notice.

"I've received a number of emails and letters from multiple coaches, so I haven't been able to really sit down and talk with any one coach. When I think about Duke, I think they're a great program. They have outstanding academics and a great campus. They also beat Navy where my brother is currently playing so that's something I think about."

With so many programs involved early on, Thurston says he's not focused on any particular grouping of schools at this point. He does, however, have an idea of what he may be looking for in general.

"For me a big one will be if I like the coaches. If I don't have a good feel about them that will turn me off. Another thing I am looking at is how the programs doing. I don't want to go to a program where the coach could be leaving in the next year or so. My uncles both lived through such a change when they played. They have told me that it brought many challenges and difficulties."

As for visits?

"I'd love to see every school that has made an effort to contact and recruit me. However, that's not going to happen. Accordingly, in the fall I'm going to narrow my list down to five and then take my official visits. While I know there is a lot of pressure today to decide early, I really hope I'll have the ability to wait and so take the visits this fall."

Away from the field Thurston has a varying array of interests as well.

"I like playing around on the guitar, not that I'm very good but when I'm not training it's something I enjoy. I also help coach my sister's 8th grade basketball team which is something I really enjoy doing. In school my favorite subjects are history and biology."

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