Signee Spotlight: Will Monday

Kicker Will Monday received an offer to play for Duke a year ago this March. He signed with the Blue Devils last week, turning his first offer into his college of choice. FOXSports/ heard more from the player on how he made the decision and what's to follow.

"I was offered in March last year," the 6-4, 176 pound athlete said. "It was exciting to get my first offer. They had a great staff up there with a group of guys I'd want to be around and a program going in the right direction."

Prior to signing day the athlete was looking at both Duke and Florida.

"I talked with my family, and we compared the two different styles of coaching," he said. "But I thought Coach Cutcliffe was a person I could really develop a good relationship with and get to know, and the same with my position coaches. I knew it was the right school for me. It felt right when I went back for the spring game; like where I needed to be."

Monday described the visits he made to Duke leading up to signing day.

"My first visit was when I was offered, and got to see the Duke vs UNC basketball game, and I had always dreamed about going. I also went for the spring game, committed in March, then went for camp over summer and got to work with the coaches--that's when I was really sold."

For now, the No. 1 punter in the country from Flowery Branch, Ga., is working on physical prep for his first season on the college field.

"I'm working out every day and kicking once a week. I just finished playing in an all-star game, so I'm recovering from practices and getting ready for May workouts.

"I need to be studying the game, and really know what I need to do to help my team. Also knowing I won't be the best player, that I'm surrounded by great athletes and keeping up with the game."

Will Monday will move into his dorm on May 16th.

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