Junior Recaps Visit To Duke

Cameron McCurry, linebacker from Fleming Island, is a 2012 prospect with solid experience and potential. The high school junior weighs in at 6-0, 210 pounds and is hot on the pursuit to match with a college program. McCurry shared his high school stats and plans for Junior Day visits including a trip to Duke.

"I started playing football in the youngest division," explained Cameron McCurry. "I've grown up with the same coaches and teammates my whole life."

The Sunshine State prospect was named First Team All-First Coast in NE Florida and First Team All-County. He led Fleming Island (Florida 5A) in tackles with 152 as a junior including 40 tackles for loss, two interceptions, two fumble recoveries and two defensive touchdowns.

"I'm pretty good at recognizing plays and have good technique," McCurry said. "I get to the ball quickly and make a lot of plays."

The athlete has begun the unofficial visit process, which he described in detail.

"I attended Duke Junior Day last weekend," said McCurry. "I am scheduled to attend Georgia Tech Junior Day on the 12th and also take an unofficial visit to UAB the weekend after. I will visit some other schools as well before spring practice begins."

McCurry shared more on his experience at Duke's Junior Day.

"I had a good time and liked the environment," he said. "I met a couple of coaches and liked them; I mainly talked to Coach Drew Dayton. Overall it was a good experience."

The athlete noted what stands out to him about Duke's program.

"With how good the school is and its academic program, its hard to match Duke and what it has to offer," he added.

McCurry explained some of his considerations for his collegiate options.

"Academics is pretty big," he stated. "I definitely want to go to a school that will provide for my future, but I'm open to play anywhere. Location isn't really a big factor, and size isn't either. It's more just about football.

"The schools that are contacting me are Georgia Tech (Coach Mike Sewak), UAB, Duke, Wake, and a couple of smaller schools like Yale and Harvard.

He continued with plans for his senior high school season.

"I definitely just want to get a little bigger and get my speed a little faster," he explained. "There's always more you can learn; a little more technique, and more about football."

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