Quinn Cook Ready For The Next Step

It's been a big year for Oak Hill standout and Duke commit Quinn Cook. He transferred schools, made a college decision, and led a traditional high school powerhouse to another great season. All while rehabbing a knee injury. The next step(s) for the five star point guard are the topic of our latest sit down.

"We have one more tournament to play in for school," said Quinn Cook. "We were doing really great until our best big man, Sidiki Johnson got hurt. Since then we've lost three games, but we are on a current nine game winning streak, and I think we're ready for this tournament."

Most programs wouldn't bat an eye at three losses on the season, but for the Oak Hill Warriors it's a tad above the traditional season averages. Not for a lack of effort on Cook's part, however. The 6'2 senior has averaged 20 points, 12 assists, and four rebounds per contest while earning invites to the McDonald's All-American and the Adidas Derby.

Certainly not a bad senior year by any means. And what makes it more impressive is Cook doing it all while continuing to rehab from a knee injury that was initially feared capable of keeping the talented guard off the court for an extended period of time. So now, almost through his senior season, how is the knee progressing?

"My knee isn't quite 100 percent yet, but it gets better everyday. I had this same injury my freshman year of high school and it took about a year to fully heal. When I get to Duke I will work everyday on it."

Prior to arriving, however, Cook says it was important to be as prepared as possible for the leap to the Blue Devil program. Which is why he enrolled at Oak Hill.

"I've learned a lot at Oak Hill both on and off the court. On the court I've learned that each and every day people are coming after us and you have always be ready. Off the court living at Oak Hill has been great because it's just like being on your own, and becoming mature. Living in the dorms and away from my family while traveling all the time. It's definitely helped me for next year."

Next up for Cook are the two all-star games. And while some players will focus on just the basketball, Cook says he's looking forward to more than that.

"I'm just looking to have fun with it all for the most part. You only get this experience once in a lifetime, so I want to have a lot of fun. Just being out there."

In terms of other once in a lifetime experiences, Cook says he's had time to reflect on the recruiting process which ended just prior to the fall signing period. Upon reflection, there are several reasons for the decision to become a Blue Devil.

"[I committed] for several reasons. The entire coaching staff for starters, but mostly the fans, honestly. Like on my visit to Duke, the fans were always around and on me. They did their homework. They would breakdown all the schools on my list and tell me how Duke was the best. They really showed how much they cared. That's just one reason they are the best fans in America."

Cook had a chance to see the Cameron Crazies at their best recently when he attended Senior Night in Cameron as the Blue Devils took care of Clemson.

"It was my first game at Cameron, so I was really pumped. It was an honor for Nolan to tell me he wanted me there for his last game at home. Since then I've talked to Nolan a lot. I talked to him every day during the ACC Tournament and he just seemed like he had a different focus. I've never seen him focused like he was. He wanted to finish his last conference tournament on a good note."

Next season it'll be Cook's turn to take the reigns as the Blue Devil's point guard, though he's already taking steps to help build his team.

"I haven't had a chance to get in touch with DeAndre Daniels yet, but I'm about to. I think he'd help us out a lot."

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