South Carolina TE Talks Recruiting

Opportunity continues to accumulate for calss of 2012 tight end Justin Meredith, with recent offers from Mississippi State and Louisville bringing him to a total of 16. heard from Meredith on who's contacting him most frequently and where his strongest interests lie.

"I'd say Auburn is one I hear from a lot; also Duke and Clemson, and LSU, UNC, and Tennessee very often," Justin Meredith said.

Meredith shared a bit about the Junior Day visits he's made so far.

"I've been to Auburn, and that was great," Meredith said. "I got to sit down with Coach Malzahn and break down some game film of how they use the tight end, which was interesting to see.

"I've been to Clemson, and that was the first time I met Chad Morris. He got to see my personality, and I got to see his. We've started to build a good relationship with that."

Meredith has also visited Florida, and made a trip to Wake Forest this past weekend.

"At Wake it's cool because the tight end whose spot I replaced from my high school (T L Hanna), Cameron Ford plays there, and I got to hang out with him, ask questions and get a more personal experience," Merredith stated.

"What impressed me most is their coaching staff- they've been there a long time, and I feel like they're going to be there for a long time. That's one thing I'm looking at in this process- how the head coach keeps the assistant coaches. I don't want to be playing for coaches who are always firing."

Meredith, an Anderson, SC resident, described location as the one factor that may play a role in his decision.

"The schools in the Carolinas that I'm most interested in are Clemson, UNC and Duke, and I've started to build strong relationships with all three," he explained. "Probably the biggest is with Duke– I feel like Cutcliffe has proven himself in the ACC and is just somebody that I think anybody in the country would love to be coached by.

"UNC is on the up rise, and Clemson is 15 minutes away. I grew up a Clemson fan – It's in my blood, and I'm highly interested in them."

The 6-5, 232-pound athlete has put on 20 pounds since last season and is going to "work extra hard" to improve during the off-season.

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