Nation's No. 6 Center Near An Offer?

As the April 15th contact date approaches, several players are ready to see their offer count jump up significantly. One of those is ranked as the nation's No. 6 center and a three star prospect. So what has Duke said in regards to an offer for this California prospect? TDD has the latest.

"Right now schools such as USC, UCLA, and Boise State have been putting in a lot of effort to keep in contact with me," said Oceanside (Calif.) HS stand out Grant Bays. "I am also hearing quite a bit from Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Stanford, Navy, Iowa State, and Duke. All of those schools send weekly updates."

Rated as a three star prospect and the nation's No. 6 center, Bays has yet to receive any written offers, but that is expected to change quite soon.

"With the upcoming April 15th date approaching, I am really hoping to get calls from the head coaches from a lot of strong programs. I have been told by many that they are coming out to my school for spring workouts. For the most part I would like to get an offer and decide early, again so I can concentrate on school and my senior season. A few of my top schools at this point are UCLA, Duke, USC, and Oregon."

The Blue Devils have been active with Bays for several months now despite his schedule preventing a visit to Durham. All that activity seems to be leading to a scholarship offer being cooked up.

"I was told during my last chance to talk with the coaches that they were getting ready to offer me. The coaches at Duke are easy to talk to and have reached out to starting building a good relationship. The fact that they are putting in the time to recruit me all the way on the West Coast shows me they are very serious."

Being so far away, Bays admits it's hard to learn as much as he can about Duke, but says he does have a general impression of the program. One that he believes would be strengthened on a visit.

"The program should get stronger and they have potential to do that. Just the fact that they are recruiting all over the country shows me they are committed to getting deeper and more talented."

One thing Bays will try to work on this summer is performing well at the various camps and combines. He believes that by doing so, it'll help speed up the process a bit.

"I want to prove that I can hang with the best. I want to work on my speed this summer, as most linemen do. I think the camps are an opportunity to tryout and improve at the same time. I also get a look at the campuses I haven't seen, which is important. If I do well enough I'll get noticed and it always makes you better to compete with the bigger and stronger recruits."

When the April 15th contact period arrives, Bays says he has both an approach and a philosophy he's going to follow when dealing with the different coaches.

"I have a good list of questions for each school when the calls can start on the 15th. I am also looking over depth charts to see where I would fit in the best. I really want to come in early and contribute on the team I choose. As far as my philosophy goes, I don't sweat the process too much. I know most of the important NCAA rules and dates. I just hope a really good school makes a decision to offer me so I can then accept and concentrate on getting bigger and stronger during my senior year."

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