One on One With Julius Randle

The top power forward and overall player in the class of 2013 was on full display this weekend in Hampton, Virginia at the EYBL. TDD was in attendance to sit down with the 6'8, 220 pound Plano (Tex.) standout for an interview.

We're all curious how it was matching up against Sim Bhullar (7'4, 330)

Julius Randle: That's probably the biggest person I've ever played against. It was real crazy, but you just gotta take it in stride and adjust.

You seemed to make some changes in how you played based on the matchup. Is that typical for you?

When you are playing a person you don't just want to bang on them because then he can just lean on you and wear you out. You want to kinda take him outside, get him off balance out on the perimeter and then I try to use my quickness to go by him.

How do you feel having the number one ranking in your class? Is that a heavy weight on you ?

Not at all. Number one in my class is not my goal in life so I don't even worry about it.

But do you feel like you have a target on your back?

Definitely I have a target on my back. Guys want to come at me because obviously I'm a well known person and guys want to make a name for themselves when they match up against me. So if you play well against me as a player, then you're going to feel good about yourself.

So what helps you stay competitive then since you have the ranking and they don't?

Good question, I tend to just want to dominate in everything that I do. I don't want to just be known as best player in my class, I just want to set the tone while I'm on the floor right from the jump. I want everybody to know that I am the best player on the court by the way I play.

A comparison out there for you is Chris Webber. Your thoughts on that comparison?

It doesn't bother me at all to be honest, I've watched him before and he was a great player, so I look at it as an honor to be compared to him but I just try to play my own game.

There are two schools out of your extensive list in Kentucky and Duke who have not appeared to have offered. Is that still accurate?

Ah yes sir, that is correct. I know with Kentucky they have said that I am the top guy they are going after and I guess during my junior year they will recruit me a lot more, but as of right now, both Duke and Kentucky have not offered me as of yet.

So for schools that have offered you, is that an advantage for them?

No, not really. I'm taking my time with everything and it's a great honor to have all these great schools taking a look at me. Whatever school I decide to go to, I'm going to go with the best fit for me.

Who do you make an effort on your own to watch during the season?

To be honest, I don't watch a lot of basketball. I come home from school and do homework like a normal kid and if a game is on I'll watch it, but it's not like I'm making an effort to watch specific teams.

How do you evaluate schools? Do you look more at what their bigs have done in the past, or is it more style of play you notice?

I like looking at style of play, like how they use you. I try to compare myself to a player that they have on their team that's similar to see how they might use me and how I might get better with them. It all comes down to trusting in the coach knowing that they can help you get better.

Do you have any thoughts on Duke's use of their big forwards in their system?

All that really matters to me is the trust I have with the coaches and that they will develop their players the right way. I listen to what the coaches say to me and how they can develop me. I consider myself to be a combo forward, one who can play both on the wing and in the post, so all that really matters to me is do they have a history of developing combo forwards.

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