One On One With Jarnell Stokes

There is no shortage of need in the post for the Blue Devils in the class of 2012. Duke has one offer out early, and others could be coming as the Spring and Summer progress. One potential player on the radar is Memphis area big man Jarnell Stokes.

You played the majority of minutes in both halves—can you talk about what you do conditioning wise to be in such great shape?

Jarnell Stokes: Last year I was really out of shape during AAU, so this year I wanted to make sure I was in much better shape. I joined the track team at my school and I do a lot of running on my own. Now I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and it's making me a better player.

Do you do any workouts that work on your lateral quickness?

I've really been working on my lateral quickness a lot, I want to be a versatile player.

How have you worked to develop your overall versatility?

My coach for starters. He's real good, and he does a lot of skill type work with me. I've been trying to improve on my dribbling as well so I can be a better player at the four position with my low post skills.

Do you see schools out there that you feel that allow their forwards to be versatile and play more of an inside-out style?

I really liked Tennessee before Bruce Pearl went because he had Tobias Harris who played inside out and did a lot of different things. But now I'm more open. I also like the things Kansas and Kentucky do. Their bigs do different things. I also like Derrick Williams too, what he did at Arizona was pretty cool.

Those programs you mentioned all utilize their bigs in different ways. Some play high-low, some play a four out and one in. Is there a system that you feel would best feature what you do?

No sir. I thought I wanted a slower system because of how I was last year. But now, this year, I've picked up my speed a lot more, so I'm looking at teams that are more aggressive in their style.

Are any ACC programs recruiting you?

Yeah, Duke and North Carolina and Miami are recruiting me.

Can you shed some light on what their level of recruitment is in regards to Duke and UNC?

Duke's coming much harder. I've talked with the assistants from their program, but I haven't talked with the head coaches at either Duke or UNC. Coach Nate James is the one recruiting me right now on the Duke staff.

What's the Duke staff's recruiting approach with you?

Basically they are talking about Carlos Boozer and Elton Brand. They show me film of them and how they played and they talk with me about how I'd play a similar role.

It's been a while since they've had a player like Boozer and Brand. Does that factor into your thought process with Duke?

It's something that you kind of talk about with the assistant coaches, but it's not something I've heard from the head coach, you know? But that is something I saw about Duke this year. They were different with Kyrie playing for them.

Have you done any reaching out on your own to coaches, or do you wait for them to talk with you?

My coach does that stuff, but I haven't done that too much on my own.

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