Georgia TE Wants To Hear From Duke

Cole Trolinger is not receiving a lot of mail right now, but that will likely change in the coming months.

"Mississippi State is really the only schools I am receiving mail from right now and I visited them a couple of weeks ago," said Cole Trolinger. "They have an extremely nice campus, I like how their campus is secluded from the town, and I was really impressed there."

One thing he liked was how hard Mississippi State got after it on the practice field. He saw something in Starkville that he is not used to seeing.

"I have not seen a quarterback get hit like that in practice in a while. I just don't see too many quarterbacks get taken down anymore. They defense was hitting him and I liked that. They practice hard and they looked like a blue-collar type of team that worked extremely hard. They were physical and I play that way too."

Trolinger is a physical player. He is a strong blocker and he likes to battle in the trenches.

"I think I am a very physical player and someone who is a good blocker. I started off playing defensive end last year due to an injury before I moved back to tight end, so I like contact."

He can do more than just block though.

"I think my hands surprise people due to how physical I play," said the 6-foot-5, 231 pound tight end out of Sharpsburg (GA) East Coweta. "I have better hands than most expect. I can also run good routes too."

Trolinger is not hearing from many schools yet, but he is hoping that changes soon. He has high interest in MSU, but he knows they are being very selective with tight ends in the 2012 class.

"I think they only have room for one this year, so they are being patient, and looking at a lot of players. I really like them a lot though. I like the way they practice, I like the campus, and they seem pretty interested in me."

Schools like Duke, Georgia, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt were some schools Trolinger mentioned when asked who he would like to hear from.

Auburn has recently contacted him and he will be visiting them this weekend to see their spring game.

Keep an eye on this tight end out of the Peach State.

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