Lots of Letters For Ga. DL

Sam Jowers is starting to pick up interest from new schools and he is hearing from a number of schools on a regular basis. Get the latest on this Georgia defensive lineman right here.

Sam Jowers is a 6-foot-3, 261 pound defensive lineman who has been timed in the 40 yard dash at 5.29 seconds at the Atlanta MVP Camp. He is from a strong academic program in Westminster and he is starting to draw interest from a number of schools.

"Vanderbilt, Duke, and Georgia Tech are the main ones sending me mail on a regular basis and Stanford has sent me a few too," said Jowers. "Duke has sent me a written letter and they have just started to send me letters often."

Duke will receive a visit from Jowers in the near future, but the only school he has visited to date in 2011 is Georgia Tech.

He liked what he saw.

"Coach [Lamar] Owens is the coach recruiting me and he and Georgia Tech have more interest than anyone else so far. I think Georgia Tech has a great campus, I think their coaches are very nice, the school is in a good place, they have a good football program, and I could get a great education there too. I really liked it when I went there and I plan to go back."

Jowers has been raised in Georgia so he is familiar with both Georgia Tech and Georgia, but his favorite school growing up was Auburn. He has family ties to that school.

"My dad went to Auburn, so I have watched them and been a fan of theirs for a long time. He actually tried to get me to like Georgia, but I have always liked Auburn. My sister actually goes there now. I went to a game there last year and I loved the atmosphere. I went there for a one day camp too and I really liked how the coaches pushed the players. It is like they work hard, but they have fun there. I like that."

The Tigers are a school still on Jowers' mind, but he is willing to look at anyone that looks at him. He is strong academically, he loves to compete, and he just wants to play football on the next level.

"I just love the game of football," he said. "I am a physical player, I go hard every play, and I work hard to be as good as I can be."

He may not be done growing either. He has a motor that hardly ever stops and he has added a good bit of weight and inches in recent years.

"I did not start playing line until I was in 10th grade. I came up playing running back and then linebacker. I was about 130 pounds coming out of middle school and I am now around 265 pounds. I have grown six inches in the last couple of years too. I am now playing defensive line and I love it. I like how I have grown and I still may not be the biggest every time, but my effort and speed help me make a lot of plays."

Speed may be his biggest weapon. Jowers has a good first step and he knows how to fire off the ball. He is a smart player too and he knows how to use his hands.

No offers have arrived yet for this junior out of Atlanta, Ga., but Jowers is one to keep an eye on through the spring evaluation period and into the summer when he plans to attend a number of one day camps.

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