2014's Theo Pinson Is A Fan Too

Over the last few seasons the Old North State has produced quite a number of top flight, high major prospects. The latest North Carolina standout may very well be 2014's Theo Pinson, a 6'5 wing from Oak Ridge (N.C.) Academy. The young and talented prospect spoke with TDD about his recruiting recently in Hampton.

What's it like playing with the older guys at this event?

Theo Pinson: This is actually my third time playing with these guys. I've been playing with them since I was in seventh grade. They just keep moving me up to the 17s since I've played with them before. I'm used to grinding it and just having to play against older guys with more experience.

How do you approach the match-ups against other talented wings and guards that have a few years experience on you?

It's a challenge to see where I'm at in my game and to see what I really need to work on. That type of competition, it's real fun actually. Just trying to compete against the best.

How are you adjusting to being recognized as one of the top players in North Carolina?

I like it a lot. It's not saying all these other players aren't good, I mean, we've got a lot of really talented guys in my class, so all these people trying to tell me that I'm good and stuff, my parents just try to help me stay humble. I just try to do what my parents tell me to do.

You competed at the Carolina Challenge recently. How'd that go?

It was real fun, I liked it a lot, that's a top camp right there, there's just a ton of great competition there.

Growing up did you have any favorite players you tried to watch or emulate?

Yeah, of course I liked John Wall, I had a lot of people I enjoyed watching, just can't remember off the top my head.

It's known in North Carolina that younger guys are mentored by older guys coming through the ranks like John Wall and Quincy Miller and others, do you have something similar with older players?

I talk with Quincy and Deuce Bello a lot, I'm real close with them, they give me a lot of advice on different things and we play together a lot. I used to play with Quincy a lot, so he's like a big brother to me.

Being in their backyard, do you have much contact with Duke, North Carolina, or NC State?

Yeah, I've visited Duke before for their Midnight Madness, that was real cool. The atmosphere was crazy, they even took me in the locker room with the guys, that was real cool to see.

What were your thoughts on this season in the ACC?

Well, Duke, that's my favorite team. I keep up with them all the time, I check the scores every time they play, even if I have to go to bed early at night. I always make sure to check the highlights on Duke from the night before early.

What makes them your favorite team?

When I was younger I just watched them and just seeing their style of play, the way Coach K is, they get everybody involved on offense, they play good defense, plus seeing Kyrie this year was really exciting.

Who is playing a big role in your recruiting as far as guidance?

My dad for sure, I got my coach from Oak Ridge helping me out, and we've got some coaches from my AAU Team like Coach Tony and Coach Steve, they talk with the staff too for me.

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