Anthony Bennett Checks In

Anthony Bennett is another post player from Findlay Prep that has popped up on the radar at times for the Blue Devils. This past weekend in Hampton the four star player spoke to TDD.

Where abbots in Canada are you from?

Anthony Bennett: I'm from a small suburb outside of Toronto in Ontario.

How'd you end up getting to Findlay Prep out in Nevada?

A couple years ago I started to play AAU, and I started to shine as I learned how to play. Last year, Coach Peck was watching me on the circuit and he told me my AAU coach that he really liked me, so Coach Mike got me hooked up with Coach Peck and I started going to school there.

Did you grow up in Canada your whole life?

I grew up in Canada. I wasn't a basketball player growing up either, I was more into soccer, flag football, stuff like that.

So what got you interested in playing basketball?

Well, I just started getting really tall and more athletic and there was a coach in Canada who watched me play and got me into a recreational league kind of team and I did my thing there and things just started progressing for me.

On the court you play the role of vocal leader to your teammates, where does that come from –is it a natural part of your personality?

I wouldn't say it's natural. I have to work on it a little bit because I knew last year that going into this year, our team I would be like the leader, so I'm just trying to be a good leader to them and push them to get better as a team.

What has the Findlay Prep experience been like for you as a person and player?

It's been real good, it shows that you have to be disciplined all the time. Like even one simple turnover in a game could cost our team the game. Coach Peck always says that I should rebound the ball a lot and that really helps me a lot on the AAU Circuit because nobody really wants to box out here. So once I get a whole bunch of rebounds, it really helps my teammates out because you can see the other team get discouraged.

You seem really comfortable playing with other talented big men both at Findlay Prep and with your AAU Team, is that something you see yourself doing in college?

I just want to be playing with bigs that I know and am comfortable with. I want to play with guys that play hard all the time.

Findlay's been known in recent years for having several players choose to the University of Texas. Is that something you see as an option for yourself?

Texas is a good school and all that, but I don't think they are recruiting me all that much. If they were recruiting me I might be interested, but as of right now they are not.

Can you share who is recruiting you really hard?

I have offers from UCONN, Florida, Florida State, Xavier, West Virginia, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Kentucky, and list goes on.

It's been reported in the media that you have some ACC schools starting to recruit you, is that an accurate report?

Yeah, Coach Peck and Coach Simon at Findlay said that I have started to get some interest from Duke, but I'm not sure 100% where things are with that.

Have you talked with any of the Duke coaches?

One time, in New Jersey after a game, one of their coaches mentioned that they really liked me and how hard I played, but I'm not really sure if that counted as an offer or if they just have interest in me.

How are you evaluating the teams that are recruiting you, Anthony?

I just look at how they play as a team. I like to run and play a fast paced game, so I look at teams who play that style. A lot of schools are fast paced so it's going to be hard to figure out.

13. How do you think you'll narrow it down?

I'm not even sure to be honest. Off the court you seem real laid back, but on the court you play with a real intimidator type attitude, how does that contest happen?

To be honest, I don't know how it works, when I'm off the court, if you want to talk to me, I'll talk to you, but otherwise I'm real quiet. On the court, I'm the one that's talking and I'm the one who is trying to get everybody to play hard and play together.

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