Austin Colbert Talks Recruiting

2013 big forward Austin Colbert has gotten a lot of publicity in his young career, earning an early five star rating from Recently he sat down with TDD to discuss his game, his recruiting process, and more.

You've said academics are a big area of interest for you, and you're an avid reader. So what kind of books are you interested in?

Austin Colbert: I definitely like science fiction, I like to mix and match. I like both fiction and non fiction, biographies, autobiographies, I really like poems as well.

Which area of the academic universe interests you the most?

I am really interested in pre med when I go to college, and actually, my mother, she's a Perfusionist and she used to come home and tell me about her job and I figured, hey, if she can do something like that, why can't I do something like that in the medical field?

Which leads me to ask…What on earth is a Perfusionist?

It actually involves her working a heart pump machine that monitors the blood of patients while the doctor is operating. She's there to make sure that everything stays good with the heart rate and blood properly pumping where it needs to go.

Are you looking at pre-med programs with the various schools on your list?

Yes, I've noticed that North Carolina and Duke, have excellent pre med programs at their schools, so I'm interested in their programs.

You also have a Duke connection with Kyrie Irving, correct?

I definitely feel like Kyrie is a role model to me. He's like a big brother. He showed me, like he opened up my eyes to the real side of basketball that when I came from Virginia and started playing at St Patricks, I didn't know how good guys could be and watching Kyrie do all the things he did, he just showed me the world a little bit, and he taught me a lot of things. As far as playing with him and going against him in practice, made me a better player and person.

What were your impressions of him while he was at Duke?

I was watching both what Duke was doing and also what he was doing, you know? Like he fits in any system really well and he did a lot of great things playing for Duke, even if he didn't have a whole season to play for them.

And with UNC, what draws you in terms of academics and basketball?

I'm drawn to their rich tradition, the players they have had before, the players that have graduated before, I'm looking at all of that. As far as my future goes, whether I graduate or have a chance to go to the next level after college, they definitely know in my opinion how to get guys ready for the next level, they are a great school in all aspects in my opinion.

When you watch teams play, do you watch more style of play, or do you concentrate on how the players who play your position are utilized?

I look more at how the team does things, because if you are a real team, and you do things together, it's impossible to beat you, you can't get separated, you can't get unraveled. If you are team, that's when you play your best basketball. So I tend to look at every single position on the court and see whether the guys are talking to each other on defense and offense, are they communicating with their teammates, are they high fiving each other.

Do you look at what recruits schools are bringing into their programs?

I do a little bit, I just try to look more so at what schools I feel like fit my game well. I also look very closely at team chemistry, how guys get along, because that's really important to me.

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