Ohio Receiver Has Duke High On List

Boardman (OH) junior Dayne Hammond is a tall wide receiver who can move on the field. He's been talking to schools across the Midwest and down South. Check out who he likes and why he won't attend any camps in June.

Being a 6-foot-5, 195 pound receiver gives Dayne Hammond lots of advantages over players trying to cover him.

"I'm a lot taller than most of the cornerbacks that will be guarding me. Then I'm also quicker than the linebackers. I can move and I'm quick."

It's that height and speed that has coaches taking notice. The junior out of Ohio already holds multiple offers. Here he breaks down a few of them:

Ball State: "They recruited my brother and have a good program. They went through a couple of rough years. I love Coach Lynch as a person and a coach (recruiting coach and position coach). I like the program and keep them in high consideration."

Toledo: "My oldest brother went there. The coaches knew about him and wanted him to play, but he couldn't due to an injury. I know a lot of the coaches and a friend of mine, Desmond Marrow, plays there now. I like the program. I haven't visited too much. I think it's a great school and a great program.

Bowling Green: "I really like them because my coach graduated from there. Our program is friends with their program. My coach also played there so he has a little pull in the system. I've been able to watch some of their practices and I like what they're doing with their team.

Youngstown State: "They're our local school and are only 3 minutes from my house. They're turning their program around. The old coach didn't recruit people. They have a new coaching staff. Coach Wolford offered me. I really like the program. Like I said, they're close to home, which is good and bad. I'm not sure if I want to leave or stay around."

He also holds an offer from Ohio University. Hammond has also been in contact with Wisconsin and Duke.

"My brother is a receiver up in Wisconsin. I love the program and the campus. I visit them about every 3 weeks; however, they don't throw the ball too much."

"Duke is really high on the list. It's down south where it's warm. I am not a fan of cold weather. They're also starting to build a program and I like that I could be a part of the building a tradition. I also have family down there."

The quarterback will have a busy May visiting camps, as he'll be gone all of June.

"I'm going to visit Wisconsin and Duke soon. I'll also be at a lot of camps, (Ball State, Purdue, North Carolina and Penn State). I have to get all of this done early because I'm going on a mission trip to African the entire month of June."

Ideally, Hammond would like to commit before his senior season, but is not giving himself a set deadline.

"I'd like to make an early decision so I could buckle down with school and just have fun playing football. But you never know."

But something that will definitely play a factor in where he decides to go? The weather.

"As long as it's not freezing cold. I do love Wisconsin because it would be great to play with my brother. But I want to be where it's warm weather.

"As long as it's not freezing cold. I do love Wisconsin because it would be great to play with my brother. But I want to be where it's warm. I want to move far away."

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