Camping For An Offer

There are a number of positions of need in the class of 2012 on the Blue Devil recruiting board. One that will certainly be filled is place kicker where Duke will look to bring in a second high major prospect in as many years. One candidate has seen the Duke coaches around his school quite a bit and camping this summer may earn an offer.

"I don't have any offers yet, but several coaches on my list have told me I am on top or near the top of their prospect list for kicking and punting," says Charlotte (N.C.) Latin School standout Paul Griggs. "Each has said they plan to offer a kicker in June at their camps."

So far in the process the 6-foot-1, 190 pound Griggs is hearing from a diverse list of schools including Duke, Purdue, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Penn State, and the Ivy League programs. And now with camp season coming up soon, Griggs says he's focusing on proving himself worthy of turning constant contact into a tangible scholarship offer.

"I am looking to prove to each coach that I have the skills and assets necessary to play in his program and to help their teams win games. I am constantly fine tuning my field goal technique off the ground. Also, I am adding distance and hang time to my kick-offs and punts."

"When it comes to camps, I've been making unofficial visits to schools since my sophomore summer to research the "fit" of the various programs. Nearly all college camps are help in June and they overlap each other a lot. Consequently, by camp time this year I will have completed most of my research on the schools and coaches so I can attend the camps I'm most serious about in hopes of improving and earning a scholarship."

Duke will be among that list it appears as the Blue Devils, through assistant coaches Zac Roper and Matt Lubick, have been active with Griggs and have built a strong early relationship.

"I get weekly mail from Duke. In addition I have called and spoken with Coach Roper several times while also speaking with him during my unofficial visits. Coach Roper has told my parents and I that I am on their short list of candidates for the 2012 kicker scholarship offer. He plans to visit my school during the evaluation period and he will make a decision about an offer in June at camp."

"My head recruiting coach is Coach Lubick. He facilitated my early visits to campus and helped me connect with Coach Roper, who is the special teams coach. His early contact efforts and his explanation of the Duke program and how they would recruit me was a big strength for me."

Aside from the coaching staff, Griggs says he's been impressed with the changes being made to the Blue Devil program as a whole as well as the off the field opportunities in Durham.

"I've made several visits to Duke and the campus, academic program, coaching staff, and intangibles all really impressed me. I was surprised at the significant capital investment being made into the Duke Football Program right now. The coaching staff has shown a commitment to achieving success by recruiting top players and the school is responding by making significant investment in the physical plant to back up what the coaches are doing at Duke."

With camps being the gateway to the next level for Griggs, how does his summarize his recruiting process to this point?

"My top programs are Duke, Purdue, South Carolina, Yake, Harvard, Virginia, North Carolina, and Penn State. My focus is on programs that offer a good combination of strong academics and a football program that will allow me to develop into an NFL caliber player. Ideally I will verbally commit somewhere before the start of my senior season so that I can focus on helping my team earn a state championship."

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