Experts Take: Capel To Duke

The Blue Devil coaching staff underwent a substantial realignment earlier this week when head coach Mike Krzyzewski named Jeff Capel as an assistant coach. So what does the former player bring back to Durham? We asked some of the industry's leading minds.

Whenever there's a change of this variety within a program there will be an adjustment period. So how does the new coaching staff makeup position Duke going forward? TDD spoke with national recruiting analysts Evan Daniels and Brian Snow along with FOX Sports National Writer Jeff Goodman for their opinions.

TDD: In general, what does Jeff Capel bring to the Duke coaching staff?

Evan Daniels: Any time you can reel in a guy who was a head coach and with the resume Jeff Capel has it's going to help. He played with the guys at Duke and he has great connections with everyone around Duke. He's very well liked and I think he'll do very well.

Brian Snow: Capel has proven he is a good recruiter. He landed some very solid recruiting classes at Oklahoma and also was firmly in the mix for a lot of very talented prospects as well. His recruiting was one of his strengths while a head coach.

Jeff Goodman: He's obviously a guy who has run a program and a team before. Not as though Coach K needs someone like that at this stage of his career, but it's still a nice luxury to have. Capel is also a big-time recruiter who should be able to help upgrade Duke's efforts in that end.

What are his strengths as a coaching candidate and recruiter?

Daniels: He loves to recruit and is a very likable coach for these kids. He's also always looking to get better and better at what he does. On the trial he relates to kids very well and he loves to recruit guys. Plus he's got good connections in an area (Texas) where Duke will have more and more prospects. They already have a great start in 2012 with Rasheed Sulaimon, of course.

Snow: Capel is someone who really relates well to kids. He is a younger guy, he was a very high level player in his own right, and he just has that ability to relate to 16-18 year olds. He can nail every single word to ever Jay-Z song you can imagine, and stuff like that. That ability to form a great relationship is definitely one of the strengths he has on the recruiting trail.

Goodman: Capel deals well with kids and people in general. He's young and relates well to kids. He's also had plenty of experience dealing with difficult personalities (i.e. Willie Warren), so dealing with the kids who go to Duke should be a breeze for him. I think he's one of those guys who can do everything: coach, recruit and develop kids. As a recruiter, he'll give Duke a different element since he's been in Oklahoma the last few years - he's developed relationships with a bunch of high school and AAU coaches in that area of the country.

How long does it take Jeff to settle into his gig at Duke and what kind of adjustment do you see him needing to make?

Daniels: He's got a great relationship so it won't be hard in that sense. As an assistant he'll need to get used to taking a step back and letting Coach K run things. As a head coach you are the one running everything. Now he has someone else being the final decision maker. I don't think it'll be a problem at all, but it'll be a change.

Snow: It is no doubt an adjustment. I said it when Billy Donovan hired two former head coaches to his staff, and I will say it here, having a former head coach is a great thing, as long as that head coach understands that he is now an assistant. Assistants completely cater to their head coach from driving them around on the road, picking them up from the airport, to making their schedule in almost every aspect of the day. Head coaches get used to that short of thing. Capel now has to change back into assistant coach mode, and while I feel confident saying that won't be a problem, it will also definitely be an adjustment.

[As far as recruiting goes], at Oklahoma you can't recruit the same type of prospect that Duke does. In general Duke can really focus in on not only the type of player they want, but the type of kid they want off the court as well. At Oklahoma you probably can't be quite that selective. I think that Capel will just recruit the players Coach K tells him to, and everything will be just fine.

Goodman: He'll make an impact immediately - largely due to his comfort level with the staff and the program. It would be difficult for Coach K to bring in an outsider, but Capel knows the system and how things are run - and obviously, he's close with Chris Collins and Wojo. It won't be an adjustment at all.

The biggest adjustment will be just doing the little things. He won't have the media responsibilities he had at Oklahoma, won't have to do as much in the community. Now he'll have to focus on dealing with the players and recruiting.

With Capel no onboard, what's the perception of the Duke staff out there?

Daniels: They already had a very good staff. And when you add a guy the caliber of Jeff Capel it gets that much better.

Snow: Duke is Duke, the school sells itself. In general if a kid gets a call from Duke, it is one that he remembers and takes very seriously. That being said, obviously Wojo and Chris Collins has proven over the years to be very good recruiters, and I think Capel will do nothing but help in that regard. I know Nate James had also been very good in that role, so I don't know if it will be a step up or down, but I do know that the Capel, Wojo, Collins trio of coaches is going to be one of the better recruiting staffs in the country.

Goodman: I think the staff is underrated. The general perception is that these guys don't work that hard - because they are Duke and don't have to. Certainly, they do things different than many staffs. They target a guy or two at each position and zone in on them. However, I think all three of these guys will be head coaches (again for Capel) and successful ones.

Bonus question to Jeff only. Is Duke's next head coach and Mike Krzyzewski's heir on the bench at this point?

Goodman: That's a tough question that I tried to touch on the other day. I think all three have a shot, but I'd say that Kevin White and Coach K will likely tab someone with head coaching experience - so I think Collins and Wojo need to go somewhere in order to have a shot. Right now, I'd go with Tommy Amaker as the clubhouse leader. But this horse race could have a few different leaders before it's over with.

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