Camping In Durham Will Tell The Tale

Part of the recruiting process for any football prospect is the summer camp scene. It's a chance for players to travel to the various schools of interest and show their skills in front of coaches. That's what's going to happen over the next few months for in-state offensive lineman Jacob Ingle.

"Right now I have offers from Elon and Ball State," said Burlington (N.C.) Williams standout Jacob Ingle. "I'm hearing from Army, Wake Forest, Duke, North Carolina, NC State, Vanderbilt, and East Carolina as well. At this point I am in the process of preparing for the summer camps."

Which will include stops at most of the schools on his list in hopes of adding to his offer total.

"Personally I thicken camps are the most productive ways to get a good feel of a team and program because you get a chance to interact with the coaches and you can see how they run their system and programs. I'm looking forward to doing that this summer. Right now I feel like i will receive a lot of offers during the camp season. I am really focusing on getting better each and every day and getting to know the coaches that have taken the time to drop in and those coaches I've visited."

Duke is among the schools to catch Ingle's eye and the Blue Devils have continued to express their interest with letters, phone calls, and an occasional visit. The 6-foot-2, 280 pound lineman has responded by visiting Durham several times on his own.

"I have a pretty good relationship with the coaching staff at Duke. I feel like every time we interact they are trying to get to know me better and better. And as a person, not just a football player. I've been to Duke several times and I visited knowing that it's a top academic school, but when I as at Junior Day earlier this year I was astounding to find out it's the No. 14 university in the world. That's just incredible."

So where does Ingle see his relationship with Duke going and how does he sum it all up?

"Right now they want me to camp and depending on my performance they will decide if they are going to offer me or not. They are evaluating me, but said if I played well they would probably offer. So right now I'm just working on improving everything. There are a lot of little things you can allays improve on as an offensive lineman. Your footwork, your pulling, your blocking at the second level, your pad level, and, of course, your balance."

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