Saturday Hoops Recap

Duke fans have reason to follow two major events this weekend - one in Los Angeles and one in Chicago. On Saturday several Blue Devil targets showed well. Here's the first day's recap.

Evan Daniels is in Chicago at the Best Buy Tournament. Brian Snow and Josh Gershon represent the team at the EYBL Session 3 in Los Angeles. Additionally, TDD has new contributors Brian Lhee & Kyle Nagata in Los Angeles and Scott Phillips in Chicago.

Joel James, C, Florida Rams – In a match up against Ridley, James managed to show his presence on the backboard. He attacked the glass, got phsyical and fought for rebounds. He didn't score until the second half and had just six points. But he had the biggest bucket of the game when he scored with just 48 seconds left to put the Rams up four and fouled out Ridley. He's a prospect and one that is getting in shape and starting to put it together. - ED

Perry Ellis, PF, Kansas Pray & Play – Over the course of the spring, Ellis has looked more and more aggressive and he continued that here at the Best Buy event. The 6-foot-8 power forward was active on both ends, but was especially effective on the offensive end when he faced up defenders and attacked. He's terrific on the baseline, as he knows how to use the rim to shield off defenders. Ellis plays hard and continues to get better. - ED

Rasheed Sulaimon, SG, Houston Hoops – It was an excellent morning game for Sulaimon. After starting off slow, he picked things up in a big way with his play. As usual his jumper was working, but Sulaimon also showed a two dribble mid-range game, and then attacked going to the rim as well. While his offense was good, his defense is vastly underrated. Sulaimon really gets after it on the defensive end of the floor and showed an ability to guard either spot in the backcourt with his length, athleticism, and strong frame. - BS

Tony Parker, C, Georgia Stars – Seeing an undersized New Jersey Playaz frontcourt in front of him, Parker did what he should do and went to work. Parker used his strength and wide frame to dominate on the glass, and then with his quick explosion off the floor was able to finish at will around the rim. He tried one mid-range jumper that didn't go, but Parker did shoot well from the foul line. There was absolutely nothing that the Playaz could do with Parker physically, and he took advantage of that in a big way with his performance and aggression. - BS

Alex Poythress, SF/PF, Georgia Stars – The huge spring for Poythress has continued with his play in Los Angeles. Poythress hit a dagger three to put an end to a Playaz comeback attempt, and that was on the heels of several athletic above the rim dunks. Overall Poythress did a bit of everything from rebound, to score, to defend. He has a frame to add weight, and is just now scratching the surface of how god he could become. - BS

Kyle Anderson, PF/PG, NJ Playaz – It was a weird game for Anderson. The shots he usually makes in the lane weren't going in, and he got frustrated as things went on. As usual he had his share of nice passes and showed off his tremendous feel for how to play the game, but his lack of athleticism and rebounding prowess down low were also exposed. A unique prospect, Anderson had a unique game with a lot of good and some bad. - BS

?Jarnell Stokes, PF, Memphis YOMCA: Despite his size and strength, Stokes is more than just a power player. The hustle is terrific - anytime you have a 6-foot-8, 250-pound kid diving for loose balls you know you've got a winner - but he's also a gifted passer in the post. He battles for rebounds, fights for position and made the most of the touches he received in the paint. It was a narrow victory for YOMCA over All-Ohio Red and without Stokes' toughness in the paint, his squad wouldn't have come away with the win. - JG?

Jabari Parker, SF, Mac Irvin – Fresh of being named the top player in the 2013 class, Parker did nothing to hurt his status. He was excellent getting to the rim, and finished with athleticism on a pair of occasions. Still what Parker does best is set up teammates with slick and effective passes. Also Parker prides himself on being able to defend. He locks up on the wing with energy and attention to detail. - BS

Nerlens Noel, C/PF, BABC – Long, athletic, and with a ton of upside, Noel is beginning to put it all together. He had a freakish dunk that gave BABC a lot of momentum, and then on defense blocked shots and overall made life very difficult for Mac Irvin on the interior. Noel's offense is still a work in progress, but he is getting stronger and making a lot of improvements on both ends of the floor, and is truly one of the elite prospects in the class. - BS

Tony Parker noted that Duke and Ohio State currently sit at the top of his list with Memphis also right in the picture.

Jarnell Stokes failed to mention Duke. Instead he named Memphis, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, UConn and Florida.

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