Duke Working On Three Star OG

Though he's committed to South Alabama, this three star offensive guard prospect says there's still a chance for a school to change his mind before National Signing Day.

"Right now the two schools that have really stood out and defined themselves are South Alabama and Duke," said Demopolis (Ala.) offensive guard prospect Steven Foster. "I verbally committed to USA in the Spring because it felt like a good fit and I felt at home."

Despite the commitment early on, Foster admits that he's keeping an eye on the Blue Devils and will likely try to learn more about the program before National Signing Day arrives after the turn of the year.

"Duke is kind of far away and it's not easy to hop in the car and make a visit, but my mom wants me to consider all my options and make visits. I'm going to consider all my options and hopefully make those visits when the season starts. That way I can start making decisions based on what I like, and the things that interest me. After I get all of that information, I'll start crossing off options and making concrete decisions."

Aside from Duke and USA, Foster has interest from a number of schools including Georgia Tech, Memphis, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Tennessee, and Miami. But, each of those programs will have to make an effort to gain equal footing with the Blue Devils and South Alabama.

"South Alabama sticks out because it's such a great program and I feel like they care more about me as a person than just me playing football. I think as a high school prospect you should find places where you are valued as a person, because the reality is that everyone might not make the NFL and make millions. So you have to gravitate around people who will help you become a man as you move into the real world."

"With Duke, it's a great school. It's a head turning opportunity and you can't pass up that kind of thing. If you graduate from Duke it says a lot about you and you are pretty much set for life because they are an elite Ivy League school in terms of academic prestige. I really don't know how much about the program but I'll be in more and more contact as time progresses."

In addition to the Blue Devils and USA, Foster claims and offer from Memphis. As a junior he played offensive tackle for his high school team, and projects as either a tackle or a guard at the next level.

"It really depends on the school as far as position goes. The smaller programs seem to want me as a tackle, but the bigger programs like the SEC and ACC are looking for guys who are 6'6 or taller to play tackle. I am athletic enough to move from position to position without much trouble or change in my style of play."

In addition to the usual pitch of academics, the Blue Devils have also begun to build a strong rapport with Foster and his family. Thanks to the point man for this recruitment, assistant coach Ron Middleton.

"Some time in May Coach Middleton made a trip to my school to officially make a scholarship offer. We've had some long talks about the Duke program and how things work with them. He's told me how much they would like for me to join their program. I talk to Coach Middleton the most from Duke, and he's a great guy. My coach knows him and he checks out as a trustworthy and accountable guy. He will shoot you straight and always puts everything on the table. There are not sketchy or gray areas around him or his program."

As he progresses through the summer, Foster says he's going to start thinking more and more about making visits and learning about the various programs.

"The best advice I've received about this process is to follow my heart and let God lead me. This is a decision that will set up our future for the next four or five years and well beyond that. Right now I'm just going to focus on getting to know the coaches and then concentrate on working to make my high school team better so that my senior year is great."

Foster is rated as the nation's No. 66 offensive guard.

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