NBAPA: Rodney Purvis Extended Interview

Raleigh standout Rodney Purvis sat down for an extended interview with TDD in Virginia on Friday afternoon.

What's it like having this much media exposure all day today? You seem to be everywhere.

Rodney Purvis: It's cool, I don't let anything go to my head though. I'm here to play basketball and to compete. All the recruiting stuff is good, but I'm just here to get better as a player.

There's a perception out there that some schools have too many guards on the roster at times. Is that something you agree with?

Yeah, I definitely agree with that. You look at Louisville, they just got Kevin Ware and Peyton Siva and other guys in the backcourt, so there was really no need for me to consider going there anymore. And Kentucky, with Ryan Harrow being there, Coach Antigua told me that if anything changes they will still recruit me, but I figured they got what they wanted with Ryan Harrow so there's no need for them to recruit me anymore.

How about with NC State, Missouri and Duke? How do you feel about their backcourts?

All three of those schools have already told me that I can come in, play my game and make an impact on their program.

It's one thing for a coach to say that to you because you are a great player, but for you, in your estimation, do you think Missouri, NC State or Duke have too crowded a backcourt?

No, not really at all. That's one thing that I've talked about with my family and I've also talked about with the coaches as well and I just pretty much look at it like this, if I go in and I earn the opportunity to beat other guys out for playing time, then things will work out.

Are there other players at Missouri, Duke and NC State that you are looking forward to playing with if you go there?

With Missouri, definitely it's Phil Pressley. He's a great guy and a great point guard, I really like his game. We already have a good relationship, it's like a big brother-little brother type relationship. With NC State, I know Torian Graham. He's from Raleigh, and we're real cool. I also know Lorenzo Brown and C.J. Leslie. With Duke, I know guys real well like Quinn Cook, Alex Murphy, Andre and Seth. I basically know guys at every school that I'm friends with.

Before you committed to Louisville, you were going through the process of reclassifying from 2013 class to 2012 and you indicated that you had received some advice from the Duke staff on that. Do you still seek advice from them on things, or is it a different relationship?

Yeah, they definitely want what's best for me, even if I decide to go to another school, Coach K said he'd still be my friend and if there's anything I ever need, I can always give him a call and he'll help me out with anything that I need to talk with him about.

What's it like being recruited by the new staff at NC State?

It's going real good, they are recruiting a lot of different guys like Anthony Bennett, Shabazz Muhammad, couple guys from Team Takeover, they just recruiting a lot of guys, so I'm just gonna see what falls in place and if they are the best pick, then that's what I'll go with.

How are you putting things together since you indicate you have a great deal of familiarity with these three schools, how are you making the evaluation since they all seem to have things that you like?

It's just the recruiting process, you know? I've got time to think about things, and to get my head together. You don't really know what's going to happen with like rules and stuff.

When you say rules, are you referencing the NBA Lockout and the possible 1 and done rule going away or increasing to 2 years?

Yeah, I'm looking at what's going to happen with the Lockout for sure, especially with the collective bargaining agreement and whether the two year rule comes in. People are just indicating to me and my family that that's out there and that it could happen, so I'm just waiting it out to see what happens with all that before I make a decision.

Is the potential for a 2 year rule an issue with you in regards to Duke since they have Austin Rivers playing for them this year?

No, not really, that's actually one of the questions I asked them recently, and they were like, that's just gonna make both of us better, with Austin there and me on the wing.

It seems like the Duke pitch to you is similar to what they pitched Austin Rivers on in regards to the possibility of playing with Kyrie Irving. How do you feel about potentially playing alongside another dynamic guard like Austin who makes a lot of plays with the ball?

In college, they recruit you because you're a player and with Coach K, they are going to use me and have a specific role for me, I mean, he knows how to get roles together for guys that's best for them.

Have they specified to you what your role would be if you played there?

Yeah, they are saying they feel like Austin is a one and done type guy and they said that they don't have a lot of guys that do the things that I do in terms of going to the basket and making the plays that I do, so they feel like they can really do good things with a player like me.

Now if the one and done rule goes away and Austin is there for a second year, how does that role change?

I don't think it does. I can see that Austin would probably have the ball in his hands a lot as the point and I'd be on the wing and we'd both have opportunity to have the ball in our hands at different times. My main thing is I want to win and get to the NBA.

Wrapping up, it seems like it's going to be a difficulty in decision since the pitches all seem to be the same from the different schools in terms of your role, how do you think it's going to sort out for you?

It's going to be a really difficult decision, but at the same time, I've got plenty of time to see how things go. I don't want to make a decision until February. That'll give me enough time to see how things go with the new staffs at NC State and Missouri and also to see how Duke does, so I'm planning to make my decision sometime around February.

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