NBAPA: Davonta Pollard Extended Interview

The recruiting buzz picked up steam in a big way when Devonta Pollard claimed he had a Duke offer. TDD spoke with the 6'7 wing at the NBA Top 100 camp to find out what was going on.

Things kinda went crazy on Twitter yesterday when you said that you had recently been offered by Duke. Can you share how the process came to be with them?

Devonta Pollard: Well, I guess they had not really heard of me before, but that they had started hearing a lot about me and just kept on hearing things. I guess they went on the Internet and watched me online and read some articles about me, so then they called me up and asked me if I was interested in Duke. I said that I was. They also asked me if mattered if I stayed close to home or if I wanted to go farther away and I told them it didn't matter, long as I was comfortable and I knew that they had a good basketball program and they had good academics, I'd be good.

Which coach were you speaking to?

One of the assistant coaches and the head coach. You indicated that Duke said they had never seen you in person before. Had you ever visited them, or was that phone call the first contact with them?

That was my first contact with them, but I had grown up watching them. They had a couple players that I liked. Guys like J.J. Redick and Kyle Singler.

NC State is a school mentioned with you previously, are you having much contact with them now with the new coaching staff?

When my AAU Team was at the Bob Gibbons TOC, I was sick and they took me over there to campus and showed me around the gym and the weight room and they told me that they were going to knock some stuff down and bring in some new stuff and they were saying that it was going be really nice when it's all done.

Was getting the offers from Duke and Kentucky a big deal to you, or was it more just part of the deal?

Well, it just kind of puts them in the pool with everybody else now that they have offered, but [the offers] let me know the work that I've been putting in is paying off.

What did Coach K and Coach Calipari say to you is the next step of the process?

They are both just trying to get a date so I can go up and visit them at their schools.

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