NBAPA: Alex Poythress Extended Interview

One of the top combo forward options in the class of 2011 sat down with TDD at the NBAPA's Top 100 Camp to discuss his play, his recruiting, and more.

Starting off, what are your thoughts on the camp and getting to work with the NBA players?

Alex Poythress: It's pretty good. It's all a learning experience, and I've just been trying to take in what they have to teach me so I can become a better person and basketball player.

What kind of things have they taught you specifically?

Basketball wise they've been helping me on stuff like pick and roll action, like how to not do the same thing over and over again.

Were there any players that you came into camp looking forward to match up against?

I didn't really know who I was going to matchup against, I was just focused on playing hard.

How do you feel this week went for you?

I think it was pretty average to be honest. I think I had my best game today. Getting to play here was good because you get to talk with the NBA Players and they can tell you what you're doing wrong and what you need to work on so that when I'm in front of the college coaches I can make better plays.

Being in Tennessee, are you noticing a difference in the recruiting pitch between schools like Vanderbilt, Memphis and Tennessee from schools that are out of state?

No, not really, all the schools seem to be recruiting me the same.

What are you listening for when you are talking with coaches?

I really listen to what they are saying to see if it's true. I want to make sure that what they are saying is legit, you know?

What areas do you evaluate coaches in terms of what they saying and if it's truthful?

I just evaluate everything you know, you don't want to play for a coach that's going to lie to you, you know ? I've noticed some schools that have told me some stuff that I don't really trust, like they will tell me I'm their #1 guy but they already have somebody at my position committed.

Is it more a big deal to you if a school has a guy committed at your position in the same class as you, or is it more a big deal if they have guys already in the program prior to you being there?

Probably in my class, it's important to me that I have an opportunity to compete for minutes.

Going to college, do you see yourself more as a big wing, or do you want to play the versatile big forward role?

I definitely see myself as a big wing.

Do you see schools mostly recruiting you to play the big wing, or are there programs recruiting you to play the versatile four role?

It's a little bit of both, it really depends on the school. There's definitely some schools who see me as a big wing and there are others who are talking about the 4 role.

Are there schools that in your estimation have had players similar to you?

Yeah, there's some schools that have had big wings, like Florida with Chandler Parsons, Vanderbilt with Jeff Taylor, Memphis has had a lot of big wings like me, Louisville, UCONN's has had big wings, and Kentucky too. That's pretty much it that I can think about.

Can you update me on how the recruiting is going with ACC Schools? Do you still have schools recruiting you from there?

Duke's the most active when it comes to the ACC.

What is Duke saying to you? What has their message been?

They are just really waiting to evaluate me until the July period is what they are saying. They also say that they really value me as a defender, they think I can be a really good defender and they like how I can be a really versatile big wing for them if I were to go there.

Who have you been communicating with from the Duke staff?

It was Coach James, now it's Coach Capel and I've talked with Coach K before.

Have they talked with you about what kind of offensive role you would have?

No, they haven't mentioned anything yet.

How do you feel not having an offer from Duke yet? Is that a big deal to you?

It's not really a red flag to me or anything, they came in kinda late and they haven't really seen me play a whole lot, so I guess they are just looking to evaluate me more before making a decision.

Does that put Duke behind other programs who have had an offer on the table for awhile?

Yeah, it does a little bit but at the same time, Duke's a great program and they have great coaches, so you have to take a look at them. I'm just trying to evaluate things, I'm not making a decision anytime soon.

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