NBAPA: Nate Britt Extended Interview

The top point guard in the class of 2013 talks recruiting and more with TDD.

You played about as aggressive a camp offensively so far as we've ever seen you be. Was that a matchup decision or something else?

Nate Britt: I'd say it was a game flow situation based on the matchup and the team needed it too. We had Tyler out..Tyler Lewis couldn't play, so I just took it as an opportunity to help my team out and also work on my game. I was noticing when we were running screen and roll that the guard was going under the screen, so it was a good opportunity for me to shoot more.

Playing for DC Assault, they've got a long lineage of talented players who have gone on to Division 1 ball. Do you stay in contact with any of them that are in college or going to college

Oh yeah, like Tyler, Tyler Thornton, he played for DC Assault and we also played together at Gonzaga Prep and Quinn Cook as well, all the guys come back and watch us play, so we always stay in contact.

What kind of advice do they give you in regards to recruiting?

They are always saying stuff to me like ‘you look good in that Blue Devil blue' if I'm wearing a shirt or shorts or something that's Duke's color, just stuff like that, just joking around.

It was reported recently that you were going on a visit to North Carolina, can you share how the visit went?

I actually wasn't able to go, I ended up not feeling well, so I haven't been able to make it down for the visit yet.

Is UNC trying to reschedule for you to come down?

I'm not real sure just yet.

How much interest has North Carolina been showing in you recently?

They haven't been contacting me all that much recently. I have a great relationship though with Kendall Marshall, but I haven't talked with any of the coaches recently.

Kendall is probably one of the most recognized guards coming out of your area in the last 4-5 years. What's your relationship like with him?

He's a real good friend, I grew up with Kendall, we played in the same conference and he always talked with me, even when he got to college. I always ask him when he comes home how it is in college.

How much does Tyler Thornton talk with you about Duke? Is it the same like Kendall does with North Carolina?

We talk a lot. Like I took an unofficial visit to Duke and I hung out with Tyler the whole time, so that was real great, we just bonded even more, it was great getting to spend time with him at Duke.

In the media, North Carolina has been a school that was mentioned as you having a high degree of interest in, is that an accurate report in your mind?

Yeah, North Carolina is a school that was one that I watched a lot growing up, they were one of my favorite teams growing up.

Aside from Duke and North Carolina, are there other schools that you are seriously considering? Any visits lined up?

Georgetown is a school that I also like being from the DC Area, but I'm not real sure when I'm going to take some more visits just because I've got a real busy travel schedule. I'll know more later on in the summer.

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