Greene Recaps Weekend Visit

Brannen Greene was on campus recently and discussed it all with TDD on Tuesday night.

TDD: Heard you were on Georgia Tech's campus today. How did things go with your visit?

Brannen Greene: Yes sir, visit went real well, this was actually my fourth time being on campus for a visit at Georgia Tech. I had a chance to check out the player dorms and I spent some time with the coaches too.

How are things different at Georgia Tech now that Coach Gregory is the Head Coach? Is he really different from Coach Hewitt?

Yeah, I had visited Georgia Tech 3 different times when Coach Hewitt was there, this was my first time visiting with Coach Gregory in person. Their teams play very different styles, Coach Gregory seems to be much more wide open offensively, he likes for guys to get shots up, that kind of thing. Me and my dad have been talking with both Coach Gregory and his assistants, things are going well there. I'm going back onto campus tomorrow night to play pickup with the guys.

You're a big Twitter guy from what I can see…

I really like Twitter, I'm friends with a lot of guys in high school that I know from playing them in AAU and I know college guys at schools like Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Duke and many others.

You have been visiting a lot of programs this spring and summer, can you share what you and your dad are looking at when you visit?

We're looking at a lot of things, my dad is really aware to ask what the student life is like and what the academic situation is, so we ask questions about what the makeup of the student body is, what kind of academics do they have, stuff like that.

How is it getting a chance to talk with these coaches at the different schools who are recruiting you?

It's really a lot of fun to be honest but also very humbling. I mean, all these coaches are public figures and for them to want to have a conversation with me, it's just a real blessing, especially since I'm used to seeing them on television. Getting a chance to talk with coaches like Coach K and Coach Calipari, they are great people, and Coach Pitino, it's just really great getting to know them and their assistants.

What's Kentucky's recruiting approach with you?

My dad and I have talked with Coach Payne a good amount and I've gotten to talk with Coach Calipari one time. It was neat talking with Coach Calipari because he told me says that he doesn't call a great amount of people on the phone, so the fact that he's called me on the phone says a lot about how he thinks of me.

Kentucky has had a unique approach to recruiting the last several years, with several one and done type. What are you opinions of that strategy?

I think Coach Calipari is a really great coach and they have shown they are able to go out and get the big time guys in the last few classes, even back to when he was at Memphis and then getting to Kentucky, I really like how they recruit.

You mentioned having talked with Coach K at Duke. What have you learned about him so far?

Man, I've learned a lot, getting to talk with Coach K and his coaches at Duke has been really great. The thing with Coach K that I wasn't ready for was how funny he was. I mean, when I visited them recently, he had me rolling a whole lot. He was just cracking jokes quite a bit, so that was real cool to be around him.

Take me through the visit to Duke.

I got to spend several days there and it was real cool experience visiting their school. I spent a lot of time with the coaches, but I also had time to hang out with the players and play some pickup with them.

When you say the whole coaching staff, were you spending time with all the coaches together, or did you separate it out?

It was really great, I spent a lot of time around the assistants at different points during my time there, I got to talk with Coach Capel, Coach James, and Coach K I spent time together at several different times. Coach Capel is the main assistant now who is recruiting me and I could just tell that even though he's new to the staff, the whole staff has a great relationship. The coaches took me around campus quite a bit, I got to meet with other guys like their trainers, strength training coaches, we even met the lunch lady at Duke who knew who Coach Capel was, it was just real nice to get shown around the campus.

Aside from Coach K's sense of humor that you mentioned earlier, what did you guys talk about in your time together with him?

First off, just getting to be in Coach K's presence was really awesome, I mean, he's one of the best coaches ever. He was just very complimentary of me and how he thinks I've been handling the process very well.

What was it like getting to play with the Duke players, who was in the pickup game?

That was a lot of fun, but also really intense. Those guys, when they play, they play to get better and I felt like I got better as a basketball player getting to play with them.

How did it make you better?

The guys were just teaching me a lot about how to use my body coming off of screens, how to utilize screen rolls better, I also just learned that ball movement is really important, even in a pickup game. You don't waste a lot of time on the perimeter dribbling around, they expect you to either make a move, or pass and cut, and that was good to experience. I mean, those guys are at where I want to be, they are high major D1 players who compete at the highest levels, playing with them was great.

Which guys were you playing with?

It was a lot of the guys that are returning from last season, like Seth Curry, Andre Dawkins, Josh Hairston, Ryan Kelly, Tyler Thornton, but then there was also Marshall Plumlee, some of the walk-ons and there was a recruit there, a point guard from Connecticut, he was really good, young guy. I played with that guy, Ryan Kelly and the walk-ons and I was matching up against Andre. Andre is like the strongest guy on the team from what the strength coach told me about the different measurement tests that they do with the players and he really showed that in the games. He was trying to lock me up on defense, so I had to play smart to score in the games.

So what did Coach K say as far as their process with you?

He just said that he feels like he owes it to me and to the program to check me out a lot more this summer, he said both him and the coaches are going to be at every one of my games this summer, so that's something I'm looking forward to.

How about for you, what's the process looking like for you?

The plan right now is that we want to sit down in July, August timeframe and figure out a list of schools that we're interested in, then take some more visits and then hopefully I'd like to make a decision around November or so if possible.

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