Wednesday Hoops - Expert's Take has a team of experts on the ground at the 2011 Peach Jam in Augusta. TDD runs down the various reviews of the Duke recruiting targets.

Alex Poythress, PF/SF, Georgia Stars – The Stars are absolutely rolling right now, and in an evening game Poythress was a dominant force. The 6-foot-8 forward was seemingly having his own dunk contest. He was too big for the All-Ohio wings, and too quick for their bigs. The versatility that Poythress possesses is impressive, and his production was at the highest level. Overall his performance was very impressive. - Brian Snow

Rasheed Sulaimon, SG, Houston Hoops – This is just one of the best all-around guards in the country. Sulaimon was as usual a high level defender in his evening game, and then on the offensive end he was getting stuff done. He scored from three, and then also mixed in a pull-up jumper or two for good measure. Sulaimon just knows how to make plays, and was absolutely on top of his game on Wednesday night. - Brian Snow

Adam Woodbury was effective in the low post in the night session. He hit the glass to the tune of eight points and was efficient with his moves in the paint scoring 14 points on 5-for-8 from the field. - Evan Daniels

Alex Poythress - 2012 SF, Georgia Stars - While not really a player on Kansas fans radars, Poythress' assault on the rims deserves a mention. His dunks were a fitting start to the night, matching intensity with the thunder overhead. Poythress is a big-time athlete that All Ohio Red just had no answer for all night. - Ryan Noel

Tony Parker - 2012 C, Georgia Stars - The big man had his way with Kenny Kaminski and All Ohio, providing rebounding and shot-blocking while Poythress provided the offense. Parker has a big, soft set of hands to go with really long arms, making him play much taller than his listed 6'9. When he gets to a college weight program, he's going to turn into a real force on that level. - Ryan Noel

Adam Woodbury - 2012 C, All Iowa Attack - the tall center continues his breakout summer with solid play in each game. Even though he is still a mostly beneath-the-rim player, he consistently gets the ball up to the glass before shot-blockers have a chance to react. He can go over both of his shoulders with little baby hooks and even showed a willingness to use power moves down low against the Mac Irvin Fire. - Ryan Noel

Julius Randle, PF, Texas Titans – With a hoard of coaches looking on, Randle was extremely impressive. The athleticism, strength, and skill he possesses isn't seen many places outside of the NBA. Randle dominated for the Titans around the paint area, and scored and rebounded at a high level. Still one of the best things that Randle showed is his passing. For a kid with such big time scoring ability, you can also run your offense through him since he is such a good passer with a great feel for the game. - Brian Snow

Nerlens Noel, C, BABC – Triple-doubles at the high school level aren't an every day occurrence, but with Noel's size, length, timing and athleticism he's certainly a threat for one. Against CIA Bounce the near 7-footer swatted 12 shots (and affected many others), snagged 10 boards and scored 13 points. He causes serious issues for the opposition when they get into the paint and he's the most dominant defensive prospect since Greg Oden played high school ball. - Evan Daniels

Jabari Parker, SF, Mac Irvin Fire – It was clear Parker had a solid outing against the All Iowa Attack, but didn't realize he went for 25 points and 12 boards while taking in the game. Parker's offensive skill set is so advanced and he seems to be able to get any shot he wants at just about any time. He lived at the free throw line in this one, as he shot 10 freebees. - Evan Daniels

Jabari Parker - 2013 SF, Mac Irvin Fire - By my estimate, Parker is the best prospect and player in the tournament. His team struggled a bit in the first half with All Iowa Attack, but Parker's steady play never let them get too far behind. He found the open shooter all night, and continues to show much-improved shooting mechanics in his own right. He also did a very nice job defending the 6'11 Woodbury in the post, despite being at a significant height disadvantage. - Ryan Noel

2013 BABC center Nerlens Noel's shot-blocking ability. He got credited officially with 12, but I'm not even sure that's accurate. He's far and away the best shot-blocker in the country and has been doing nothing but swatting shots in every single game. He now has (officially) 27 total through 4 games. - Ryan Noel

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