Sirk Ready For Senior Year

In his first full season as a high school quarterback, Duke commit Thomas Sirk has a number of things to learn. Over the course of his senior season the Florida prospect is looking to complete the transition and prepare for another.

"Our preseason ended with a preseason game last week," said Baker County (Fla.) standout Thomas Sirk. "We did very well. We won 48-0 and it was great to see our team react so well after camp. We're excited about this season."

In his first game as the full-time starting quarterback, Sirk played just over one and a half quarters, throwing for 106 yards on 8-of-13 passes. An exceptional athlete who spent time at receiver for much of his early prep career, Sirk showed off his ability to create by gaining an additional 54 yards on just three carries. By the time he came out with three minutes remaining in the second quarter, Baker County was already up four touchdowns.

"I was very happy with the way the season started and we are looking forward to the first official game this week. The biggest change for me was going to work out only with the quarterbacks. This preseason was a little different because I got to work specifically on things like throwing mechanics, footwork, and other position specific drills."

For the previous few seasons the 6-foot-5 prospect had concentrated his talents at the wide receiver slot while moonlighting as a receiver as well. As players progress it isn't unheard of for athletic signal callers to transition to receivers, but to do it in reverse is something that may very well benefit the future Blue Devil.

"As a receiver the ball is in your hands five or 10 times per game at most. Now that I'm [playing quarterback] I am touching the ball every time. It's great because I'm the one running the offense and managing the game."

Which means keeping the skill players involved, something a former receiver not can understand.

"I am always trying to get the ball to our playmakers. I know what it was like wanting to make things happen on the outside. As a quarterback I'm always trying to keep our skills guys involved. Whether it being in the passing game, or handing off to our backs, or even rolling out on screen passes. I want to let them make things happen. It all goes to managing the game for everyone."

Despite the early season successes, Sirk knows there will be bumps in the road as he learns the finer points of being a signal caller. However, he's got a pretty extensive support group backing him up.

"I talk to Coach Cutcliffe and Coach Roper weekly about what it means to be a quarterback. Their main message is to go out and be a leader and to be confident in everything I do. I actually had a 10 minute conversation the other day with Coach Cut about leadership. He said the best guys he ever coached were gifted athletes, but the main thing that set them apart was their confidence on the field."

"As I am learning I'm just trying to be confident on the field with my team. If things are not working or not going well, everyone is going to look to me so I need to always be pumping everyone up. One thing that has been good for me is the game is starting to slow down. A year ago the speed of everything was different and sometimes I wasn't sure what to do. Now that I'm calming down and seeing things more and more, it's slower for me."

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