Top Flight 2013 SG Will Visit For CTC

One of the players to make a move up both the rankings and various recruiting boards this summer was Texas scoring guard Matt Jones. Now, as the fall arrives, the five star prospect is preparing for visits. Including a trip to Countdown to Craziness.

TDD: Your stock has really blown up over the last few months. Were you prepared for the increased attention that came with such a big rise?

Matt Jones: I think it went really good, and I've been preparing since I was in the 4th grade for this summer. When it came, I knew I was ready for it because I had worked hard to prepare as a player.

Was there a moment where you felt like you arrived this summer?

I would say there were many experiences, but when I was LeBron's camp this summer, I felt like I proved that I belonged on this stage and that really carried me through into Peach Jam and Super Showcase in Orlando.

You played alongside several talented big guys in Julius Randle and Zach Peters on your AAU team, what did it do for you as a player to play with such talented players?

It was really good knowing that I didn't have to force anything as a player. Playing with those guys helped me to just focus on making the plays that were there for me to make and trust that they were going to make their plays as well.

Your offer list is a who's-who of the biggest college basketball programs in the country. How are you going about the process of figuring out what is a good fit for you when all of these programs are coming after you?

When it comes to college, my big thing is trusting the head coach and his staff to know how to put me in a good position as a player to help the team win.

Is it important to you to play alongside other talented players or is it more important in terms of "fit" to be the featured guy and have the offense designed around you?

It's definitely not mandatory, I just want the opportunity to come in and compete for a starting spot.

Does that mean that there is such a thing as too crowded a backcourt for you to feel like you have an opportunity to go in and compete for your spot?

I would say yes and no. I mean I am looking at school's and what guards they have and would bring in with me if I were to go to their school, but at the same time I want to play with other good players.

As a scoring guard, do you have a preference on the type of point guard you want to play with at the next level? Do you want a pass first guy, or more of a scoring lead guard?

Well, I've played with L.J. Rose quite a bit in the past and he does a lot of things as a pass first point guard that make him a great player. I think I'm fine with either style of play, there are things that a guy like LJ brings to the table that are good and then there are things that a different type of guard does that I could play with either.

Of the various staffs recruiting you, what kind of relationships are forming? What are you trying to learn from the various coaches?

I've really enjoyed talking with the coaches, I've been trying to build relationships with them and my main thing is trying to figure out where I can go and find a home away from home. I want a coach who is going to be a father figure to me and who heads a program that has a lot of tradition.

What kinds of things are being said that catch you ear?

Well, like with Coach K, he's just a really good guy and he's down to earth, I've really enjoyed getting to know him, he's a funny guy to talk with and I could really see myself playing for him.

Duke got involved in the summer from the various reports. How has that relationship matured since then?

Man, it was really great when I got the offer from them. I was just ecstatic when that happened. I've talked with Coach K a whole lot since the summer; I even talked with him just this last week. We talked about how the China trip went, he said the guys really responded to some adversity on the trip on the court and he also talked about how he saw me fitting into their program as a player. I've also been talking with Coach Capel too.

Is it different talking with Coach Capel now that he's an assistant at Duke instead of the head guy at Oklahoma?

It hasn't been a big deal at all, we all move on to do different things in life, and we still talk a lot about things that are regular stuff.

You mentioned the conversation with Coach K about the China trip. In general what did you think about the team's play in those four games?

I got a chance to watch one of their games and it was really great but also really weird because I was watching them while knowing that I have a chance to play for them if I go to college there.

Do you feel the same way when looking at other schools that have offered you?

Oh yes. Like with Arizona, they just officially offered me last Tuesday; Coach Miller called, it's just real obvious that he knows where that program is heading. I also think with Coach Donovan at Florida, their style, they get up and down the court fast, they just fit my style real well. I'm not saying other schools don't fit my style, it's just what I've seen with Florida, they play a good style and I enjoy talking with Coach Donovan.

You've got a number of trips lined up over the next few months. Are those being approached as chances to really enjoy the trips or are they more business-like in your mind?

I've got visits lined up for both Duke and for Kansas. I'm going to Duke for their Midnight Madness in October. I'm really looking forward to that visit, it should be a lot of fun, I'm probably going with some friends and teammates of mine.

My first visit is to Kansas though, I'm going on September 24th, they have an Alumni Game and I'm excited to visit them, it'll be my first time going there. I'm also trying to visit Arizona and Florida too.

So with these visits, do you see yourself waiting things out and making a decision much later, or are you more a feel guy when it comes to the visit and possible choice?

I think I'm for sure a feel guy, like if I know that a school is right for me and if I feel good about the situation there, I could see it happening.

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