Thomas Sirk Checks In

Duke bound quarterback Thomas Sirk checks in to provide an update on his senior season.

"Our first two games are behind us now and we're 2-0 on the season," said Baker County (Fla.) standout Thomas Sirk. "The first game of the year we went up to Atlanta to play the fifth ranked team in Georgia, Westminster. The game started out well for us and we went ahead 28-0 going into the half. We ended up winning 34-6."

In that game Sirk showed off his arm and passing ability, completing 16-of-22 passes for 300 yards while adding 54 yards on the ground. The next game, however, was a total statistical reversal.

"We played the fourth ranked team in Florida, Trinity Christian. They are the defending state champions in their classification. We ended up winning 31-28 after being up 28-13 at the half. One thing we did was game plan to run the ball. We had played them last year and we knew we could run."

And run Sirk did. To the tune of 16 carries for 215 yards.

"They came out with a five man defensive link The safety would also roll down, so when that happened all I had to do was break a linebacker to break a big gain. I had one for 55 yards."

Two games into his senior season, the first of which he's playing quarterback full-time, Sirk says the game is becoming easier to manage than a season ago when he split time at receiver, safety, and quarterback.

"Things are slowing down for me for sure. I'm learning and am more comfortable staying in the pocket and letting things develop, but I'm also learning when and when not to make things happen with my legs outside the pocket."

Those lessons will only intensify when Sirk heads to Durham in January to enroll at Duke and begin pre-Spring workouts before starting Spring practice in March.

"Graduating early is something I have always planned on doing. I found out last year I could graduate in December and from there it was a matter of where I'd be going. I think it'll be a great privilege to get a head start on my college career. To be able to learn the offense and get ahead in the game."

Of course leaving high school early comes with a price as any player will admit.

"I've thought about what it means. I'll be leaving my friends and my family several months early. The more I've thought about it though, things like senior prom won't make me a better college football player and it won't help me adjust to my new teammates. I'll have a chance to get used to everything college requires before football season gets started. I'll know what it takes to go to class and to do the things I need to in order to be successful before the season has started. That's invaluable and it is why this was the right decision."

In the meantime Sirk has a chance to speak with his future coaches on a weekly basis.

"I talk to Coach Cut every Sunday usually. He hasn't talked too much about the season so far. With Richmond he said they were just unluckily. They had missed field goals and some bad breaks. With Stanford it should have been 13-10 going into the half, but after halftime things just kind of fell apart. I thought the coaches did a lot of good things though. They were really aggressive with the play calling with the on-sides kicks and 4th down conversions."

"Usually when we talk we don't talk about Duke's season, it's more him asking about my year and how things are going. He's always saying to stay positive and enjoy the game."

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