Quotes: Duke v. Ohio State

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski met the media following his team's blowout loss

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

On the game tonight:
"I thought Ohio State played a great game against us. They were a fresher team; I thought our team played tired. They are very athletic, together and they played with a great verve. Obviously they are deserving of the win, but they were a lot fresher than we were. We could never get into the ballgame."

On the big runs by Ohio State:
"We couldn't hit a shot. Their defense was outstanding and then they got hot. They can score from a number of different positions. They had a great crowd, they had a lot going for them and they took advantage of everything. Congratulations to them. We can be good too, we just weren't good tonight and they had a lot to do with that."

On Aaron Craft:
"He is a terrific competitor and a really good basketball player. Part of being a good point guard is having people that you can point guard for. He has the best player in the country and (William) Buford. He is really good but they (the team) are really good too. He busts his butt and he is a terrific player on a team that is very talented."

On Jared Sullinger:
"He is a man inside. He is always an option and you can always get the ball to him. You can run the offense through him or have him be the offense. That is a big thing for a team."

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